1. craftplayeri2

    System Specs craftplayeri2 pc 2019

    So this is my PC, gonna be buying a new PSU soon and putting in a graphics card in it
  2. Aerdian

    System Specs Aerdian's System

    My new custom built system. I built it just a couple days ago. It replaced my aging computer built about 4-5 years ago with an AMD FX-8320 processor, 16GB RAM, 450W PSU, and an RX480 4GB GPU.
  3. T

    System Specs Tarun's Desktop

    A Spec Thread of my PC
  4. V

    System Specs Vasudev's Laptop Specs

    This is my laptop specification. Its a Lenovo G500. I know it's a little late to post my specs, sorry guys.