1. ichito

    Coupon Code SpyShelter Easter 2019 Discount

    SpyShelter Easter Discount 25% Off until 22.04
  2. ichito

    User Feedback SpyShelter - an overview of my settings, some tips and useful info

    Due to some changes in "overview" section I want to repeat my previous thread about my conception of SS setting what was originaly posted in Polsh forum. Presented English version is made by Google Translator so I know that's can be sometime not clear...sorry :) Basic version of review is also...
  3. Syafiq

    Q&A SpyShelter Free still being maintained ?

    I recently heard that SpyShelter Anti Keylogger Free has been discontinued long time ago. But, i noticed that SpyShelter Free still being updated on here SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger Free Download and here SpyShelter Free Anti-Keylogger 10.9.7 . Look at the above sites, it's showing the latest...
  4. pablozi

    Update SpyShelter 10.8.8 released

    SpyShelter 10.8.8 is now available. This version includes a fix for creating multiple rules without checking hash in SpyShelter Firewall Application Execution Control feature. It also includes updated Japanese, Farsi, Danish and German translations. SpyShelter 10.8.8 (14/Oct/2016) Changelog...
  5. CMLew

    Expired (GiveawayClub) SpyShelter Anti Keylogger Firewall (6 months license)

    SpyShelter is World's best anti keylogger with firewall module that: Protects you from both known and uknown threats, which were not discovered by antivirus labs yet. Allows for a quick access to all of the application’s unique features and settings due to Graphic User Interface(GUI) design...
  6. legitpc

    LegitPC Desktop Config

    My PC configuration focuses on cutting delays from real-time scanning and using a lot of common sense. Signature based scanning is used when common sense fails. UAC is disabled as I am running an admin account, can recognize apps that require admin rights, and have a HIPS blocker that would...
  7. conceptualclarity

    Troubleshoot SpyShelter misbehaving in the presence of HitmanPro.Alert

    I have had SpyShelter Premium since the start of July. A couple of days ago I decided to re-install Hitman Pro.Alert full edition. (It had been thrown off my computer a few months ago when ESET got upset over an update.) After I brought back HMPA, SpyShelter began behaving perversely. It blocked...
  8. S

    SecurityDolphin's Security Config

    My security configuration is based around a few simple principles: 1) Keep the amount of applications used to a minimum while covering as much ground as possible and with little to no overhead. 2) The configuration must be as non-intrusive as possible and get out of your way until you encounter...
  9. Solarlynx

    On Sale! SpyShelter Premium 1 year license (Single PC) Euro 2016 Discount

    SpyShelter Premium 1 year license (Single PC) Euro 2016 Discount The more goals Poland scores, the higher the discount for SpyShelter Premium 1 year license (Single PC) you will receive. The game starts at 09:00PM CEST, Thursday, June 30. Rules are simple. You fill out the form below, and...
  10. Petrovic

    SpyShelter 10.4 released

    10.4 (12/Oct/2015) – Extended configuration options for AntiNetworkSpy feature – Fixed rare bug in Firewall WFP driver which caused very high CPU usage SpyShelter 10.4 released SpyShelter Premium 10.4 http://www.spyshelter.com/download/release/setup.exe SpyShelter Free Anti-Keylogger 10.4...