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    Update Superhuman is a surveillance tool (Updated: Changes Being Made to Email Client)

    Original Blog post: Superhuman is Spying on You » Mike Industries Recommended to Read: Everything you need to know about the invisible e-mail tool that tracks you UPDATE: Response from CEO over Privacy Controversy: Read Statuses Homepage: Superhuman It makes you question their initial...
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    Privacy Alert Your House is vulnerable to Corporate Survellience

    British homes are vulnerable to “a staggering level of corporate surveillance” through common internet-enabled devices, an investigation has found. Read more at UK homes vulnerable to 'staggering' level of corporate surveillance I changed the title because it affects everyone, not just UK...
  3. upnorth

    Off-Topic Surveillance Capitalism - Data Brokers

    Source : Surveillance Capitalism - Data Brokers
  4. Itachi Sempai

    Dark Caracal massive state level espionage

    text from security now Dark Caracal Technical Report : https://info.lookout.com/rs/051-ESQ-475/images/Lookout_Dark-Caracal_srr_20180118_us_v.1.0.pdf EFF and Lookout Uncover New Malware Espionage Campaign Infecting Thousands Around the World
  5. Winter Soldier

    Q&A Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life

    Report: How thousands of companies monitor, analyze, and influence the lives of billions. Who are the main players in today’s digital tracking? What can they infer from our purchases, phone calls, web searches, and Facebook likes? How do online platforms, tech companies, and data brokers...
  6. Exterminator

    Reuters: Yahoo was snooping on user emails en masse

    Following the Snowden revelations about the US' secret surveillance programs courtesy of PRISM, the relation between technology companies and intelligence agencies has been under great scrutiny for the past few years, with many relevant questions regarding privacy and individual rights being...
  7. Logethica

    Surveillance & Big-Data Vs Security & Privacy

    Surveillance & Big-Data Vs Security & Privacy: Writing of cyber attacks,Phillip Bobbitt author of "The Shield of Achilles" & "The Garments of Court and Palace", notes that by “virtually abolishing civil privacy or by increasing surveillance and intelligence gathering,” countries can defend...