1. M

    Solved 2 svchost.exe hollow processes in sysWOW64

    My CPU is high and windows is suspending processes. I ran Zemana and it says I have these 2 hollow processes, like the other posts on this topic. If I go to an antimalware site chrome gets suspended. I am running windows in safe mode and I have run frst and gotten the frst.txt and the...
  2. xVelns

    Solved nslookup.exe/svchost.exe using 50% cpu usage

    Hello. I accidentally installed a malware in to my PC. It was opening random websites when clicking anywhere on a page and closing within 1~2 seconds(history is not registering it). I'm not able to open any Anti-malware programs and also website(including this) until I "end task" it. As soon as...
  3. luashfu

    (C:)\Windows\syswow64\svchost| Another svchost appeared and is using more then 50% of my PC's CPU

    I've found a video : It says that there should only be one svchost in C:\windows\system32. It's true that I have that in that location and more appeared at different locations. The video/description says that any other ones in different places are viruses/malware and i should get rid of them...
  4. C

    Solved svchost.exe malwere

    Hey guys :) I have problem with malware in syswow64\svchost.exe. I see other people publishing the same problem here. The symptom is my cpu usage is up to 60% by unnamed process (in task mgr). Process is connected with svchost.exe which is located in Windows\syswow64. I have used anti-malware...
  5. P

    Solved Windows svchost.exe virus installed, suspectous activity form Windows/SYSWOW64

    Hi I have some problem with my pc since I installed a software that wasn't what I supposed to have download. I am almost completely sure that is a virus
  6. M

    Solved SVCHOST - Drive The Life Dropframes / Malwarebytes Alerts.

    Malwarebytes keeps poping svchost.exe errors from drivethelife. Never got it before installing malwarebytes. after malwarebytes install no dropframes at ALL.
  7. ColeCB

    SVChost Infection

    Looking for some help. This virus seems complicated.
  8. T

    Svchost.exe, takes over entire system

    I've included any documents from scans from other tools that I could find. Hope they help, computer reseted this morning on its own when I booted up. Deleted alot of scans and most of the tools are non functional now SMh...... I Freaking Hate This Thing!!!!! Hope you guys can help its been going...
  9. H

    Solved Persistent virus: infected svchost & MSASCuiL?

    I'm not sure how I got myself into this problem. I watched this movie called "Snowden" and it led me to become more anxious about these virus stuff. I don't want anyone creeping me, watching what i'm doing (through my webcam) and accessing my files. I'm really helpless, I need you guys.
  10. C

    Solved svchost.exe problem!

    Started a couple of days ago. It makes couple of svchost.exe processes that eat a huge chunk of my resources. I have been trying everything to fix it and even formatted my computer and here it is again. Since the format, I found a web post by one of your members I guess regarding the same...