1. B

    Svchost virus

    Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post. My question is if I do a factory reset on my hard drive will it delete svchost. Or should I re-install windows I Rather do these options if they will work.
  2. swanvods

    Solved svchost.exe*32 virus using 50% cpu usage please help

    Few days ago, i noticed that my pc is slowing down. So when i open task manager there's a program called svchost.exe*32 using 50% cpu usage. I already scan with all antivirus but no threats are detected. It's located in SysWOW64. Thanks for your help guys.
  3. D

    SysWOW64 CPU High Usage Help

    Hello, I have been having trouble with extremely high CPU usage from a svchost.exe file located in my SysWOW64 folder. I installed FRST and ran it, and received these two files. I am in need of a fixlist.txt that I can run so that this issue can be solved. Thanks in advance.
  4. JadaDev

    Solved Svchost.exe // SysWOW64 CPU High Usage

    I got my new pc gamer, well everything working fine tho my CPU usage always 50 + to 100% same goes for disk i tried to fix my disk and it's pretty fine now but still the Svchost.exe getting really high I downloaded Avira but didn't really fix anything but it even make things more bad so i...
  5. shedyk

    I have a process using svchost. Is this a virus?

    I have a process that runs high on cpu but has no name. On checking further details the process is run by svchost.exe and ending the process shuts down my pc. It started about 3 days ago, it does not run always but I have noticed it runs only when power is connected. It doesn't seem to run when...
  6. A

    "Morin" Pop Ups

    I've had this problem since yesterday (12-14-17). Have tried all i could think of. One of your threads helped me with a previous problem. Hope there is a solution to this problem too.
  7. jasperxlance

    Solved Windows 7 persistent virus on registry keys.

    I reformat the laptop yesterday. because , the recent system has the ff. symptoms. *unable to log in on start up *Wifi isn't working right. only say's "no internet access" yet connected to wifi. *Can't activate "apply" folder options and unhide hidden files. When you click "apply" nothing...
  8. jasperxlance

    Solved Malware svchost.exe with trustedinstaller, and pupinstallcore(spyhunter)

    I did a full reformat yet i think the virus is still there in the registry keys. can't delete or either HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wow6432Node HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18 HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-19 HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20 HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-256... HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-256..._Classes Then some other's hidden on...
  9. F

    Solved Possible ongoing 3rd party interference and massive RAM usage

    Since the suspected date of infection, computer gradually slows down, makes more critical errors, CPU behaves like there was always another input queued before mine, windows detects IP conficts in the network (mine's the only one in it), so my claim is that someone took control over it, like a...
  10. C

    Solved svchost.exe problem!

    Started a couple of days ago. It makes couple of svchost.exe processes that eat a huge chunk of my resources. I have been trying everything to fix it and even formatted my computer and here it is again. Since the format, I found a web post by one of your members I guess regarding the same...
  11. Merineins

    avast problem with svchost.exe

    For the last couple of days I keep having these annoying pop ups from avasat, saying that a web page has been blocked. Could somebody help me ?
  12. V

    Com surrogate has stopped working

    I think i typed everything above already? Com surrogate keeps popping up, reinstalled drivers already, didn't help. Getting depressed to be honest as i can't seem to find the problem even tho i'm not a complete noob to computers :) i would GREATLY appreciate any help
  13. S

    Solved Svchost.exe virus

    Hello once again and sorry to bother you again, but last time when the problem was fixed, it lasted for only a few days. Once again my system has gone slow and many unknown programs are running in background. I have attached FRST log.Thanks. My previous thread link: (SOLVED) - Suspected...
  14. Gunnerhowell

    Svchost.exe / Com Surrogate Virus

    Request Help. Suspect I may have the Svchost.exe / Com Surrogate Virus. Com Surrogate has normal disk usage until I start Internet Explorer. Once Internet Explorer is started then Com Surrogate takes Disk usage to 100%. Can not terminate the process while IE is running. If IE is shutdown I can...