1. camo7782

    Discuss SysHardener: Default PowerShell settings are too restrictive?

    I noticed that windows started to act weird after I installed SH, reading here and there it seems that many update functions do use PS scripts. Is the default setting (image below) too restrictive? Is it possible to allow PS for safe windows services? What would you suggest?
  2. M

    Q&A Syshardener via GPO

    Hey All A few weeks back I saw a post that had recommend syshardener via GPO but I can't locate it. Can you guys help me out here?
  3. R

    Q&A Syshardener tweak suggestions?

    As stated in the title, is there any good threat about how to config/tweak Syshardener around here?
  4. A

    SECURE: Basic Arequire's Security Configuration

    Related points: Windows Defender disabled via registry VoodooShield set to Always On mode VoodooAI cloud database disabled due to lack of documentation on whitelist approval process SysHardener personalised settings applied AppContainer Lockdown enabled in Brave AdGuard for Windows blocking...