1. F3niX

    Solved Syswow64 - svchost.exe 50%+ processor usage.

    Recently i installed a malware by mistake , this malware started installing random software and added some toolbars , i managed to remove the toolbar and uninstall all software , but since then and my processor usage is very high , whenever i open task manager i find svchost consuming 50% or...
  2. S

    Various trojans in syswow64 folder, need help in removing the malware causing this

    I noticed recently my google chrome kept giving the popup that google chrome needs to restart, but there was never anything wrong with the browser and it never restarted when said ok. And then I noticed that I had huge unexplained cpu usage from an unnamed windows process. It was a svchost.exe...
  3. G

    SYSWOW64 Help Please

    I somehow have the syswow64 on my new laptop. Everytime I boot my laptop I get an error message that "There is no email program associated to perform the required task. And my laptop has been very slow. I used Norton Eraser that did identify a virus and deleted it and then on reboot two more...
  4. R

    Malware Removal. Need fixlist.txt for FRST.txt

    Need assistance with the fixlist.txt.
  5. K


    I was alerted as to an attempted attack by Avast repeatedly out of the blue. Attacks only stopped once I ran RegHunter and SpyHunter, but upon doing some research several suspicious files still seem to be present. I obviously don't want to go on a delete/blocking spree and I have had no further...
  6. M

    Can't Remove Chromium ("mshta.exe") Malware

    I can't seem to remove "Chromium" or whatever malware that is saying Chromium needs to be updated on my computer. The file location is in folder SysWOW64 and is labeled "mshta.exe". I have a Samsung Series 7 Chronos running Windows 10.
  7. S

    SysWOW64 changes ownership of my files to TrustedInstaller

    Some additional info: I'm using A Dell Inspiron with Windows 8.1 (64-bit) When I attempt to change ownership & permissions of files in my C drive, it gives me an error ("An error occurred while applying security information to _____. Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is...