1. Aerdian

    Video Windows Defender 2018 Review

    A simple AV test I did of Windows Defender. I try to make these videos quick but helpful since there are so many different options for your AV. Please let me know any recommendations I should change for future videos :)
  2. CyberTech

    Test Windows Defender Antivirus (or other security software)

    Test Windows Defender Antivirus (or other security software) Windows Defender Antivirus is the default security application for devices running Microsoft's Windows operating system. Like Windows Firewall, it may not offer the best protection or functionality, but it is there to protect systems...
  3. Hawaii007

    Security Alert Real-World Protection Business Test (March-April 2018) www.av-comparatives.org

  4. T

    Video SecureMyBit Deny VS 6 JavaScript malware + EXE analysis

    SecureMyBit Deny review :) VirusTotal link of the EXE file: VirusTotal NIce software @JM Security, well done! :)
  5. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A How do I test Android AV's?

    Where do I get android samples? How do I set up an Android vm? Thanks in advance.
  6. JM Safe

    Video Avira Antivirus Free 2017 - Video Review (Test)

    Product tested: Avira Antivirus Free 2017 Thanks for watching! ;)
  7. mekelek

    Video Panda Internet Security review with 17/7/17 #10 Samples

    This is an experiment from me if this helps other users to decide about the software. If my voice annoys you or my swearing or my pronunciation, feel free to mute it :D I am by no means an expert, not a novice either, so take this test with a grain of salt I guess, in terms of me claiming a...
  8. D

    Video Voodooshield Free vs EternalBlue/DoublePulsar/Peddlecheap

    WannaCry Exploit Could Infect Windows 10
  9. Thirio

    Video 360 Total Security vs 1596 samples

    don't speak Russian but looks like Avira and Bitdefender engines enabled with PUP detection on and max security config. 43 mins long. enjoy.
  10. Slerion

    So i did test all free AV and was Surprised.

    So after i allways trusted on other opinions and stuff i finally made my own Malware test. Settings are stated after the programm name if not its standard settings i made it mixed because i wanted to see Long term and short term defense Virus/malware/ransomware/adware/more 862 Files 657mb...
  11. M

    Video Avast Online Security vs Avira Browser Safety

    Hi all, This is my test of both Avira Browser Safety & Avast Online Security - 2 Free Chrome Extensions. Thanks for watching, hopefully you've enjoyed & I'll see you in the next video!
  12. M

    Video VoodooShield Review

    Hi all, This is my review/test of VoodooShield Free. I personally really like this software & am using it on my Host PC right now. Please watch the video for results :) Sample Details: - All from MalwareTips - 18 Items that are executed - 2 Items were missed because I renamed them to .exe...
  13. P

    SecureAPlus scores BEST+++ from AVLab

    SecureAPlus recently received the highest possible rating in a security test conducted by AVLab, an independent antivirus tester based in Poland. The ransomware test focused on the effectiveness of popular IT security solutions for both home and small/medium enterprises (SME) in the country...
  14. M

    Video Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 Review

    Hi all, This is my test of Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. The software is using Default settings - completely unchanged & I am now testing within a brand new clean VM (which will be used in all of my tests). I use samples from 5 sources (which can be found in the video's description). By...
  15. M

    Video Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Review

    This is the full review/test of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017. More videos like this are coming soon & a 2017 malware removal guide, ransomware execution videos, talks about security & more are all coming soon! Thanks for watching & supporting my channel :D Any feedback is also...