1. S

    Firefox Tor integration coming to Firefox (Super Private Browsing)

    Source(s): 1. Mozilla Research Call: Tune up Tor for Integration and Scale | Tor Blog 2. Mozilla Research Grants 2019H1
  2. simmerskool

    Q&A Tor privacy? Book: Surveillance Valley

    Read Surveillance Valley by Levine (2018), seems well documented (85 pages of fine print footnotes), basic assertion is that not only did the gov't develop Tor, or onion routing, we all knew that, but that it continues to fund Tor, and that it can hack / crack Tor whenever it wants . Has anyone...
  3. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Safely browsing the deep web?

    I won't be going on the deep web for anything illegal, just for viewing things like forums. Would it be safe if I used Xubuntu in VirtualBox? Would any malware be able to get through the virtual machine? Is there anything I should do different? P.S I would prefer to avoid using a Live USB. I'm...
  4. F

    Update Tor is released!

    Tor fixes various bugs in earlier versions of Tor, including some that could affect reliability or correctness. This is the first release candidate in the 0.3.2 series. If we find no new bugs or regression here, then the first stable 0.3.2. release will be nearly identical to this...
  5. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Is it safe to use AdGuard on Tor Browser?

    Tor recommends everyone not to add any extensions or add-ons in case there ever is a flaw with them. However, the Tor browser doesn't block ads, only scripts. Would it be safe to use AdGuard?
  6. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Is it safe to use Tor on my host?

    I thought I would be using Ubuntu as my host by now, but long story short, I haven't been using it in a VM as often as I should have. It won't be long from now till I am duel-booting Ubuntu with Windows. But I was wondering, would it be safe to use tor on my Ubuntu machine? Note that on the same...
  7. Siavash

    Q&A VPN,Proton vs Windscribe

    Hi, What you think about these 2 VPN Services ? In my personal Experience Windscribe offer more locations and also better for Countries with censorship and DPI. In other hand Proton significantly faster and offer more features like Secure Core ( additional protection against VPN server...
  8. L

    What os should I use on Tor to stay secure?

    I want to see what the deep web has to offer and I want to keep my baby secure.... (My laptop... very expensive) I do know a bit about staying secure on tor but one thing I am not 100% on is the os I should use when browsing the deep web. Should I be using a usb? Should I be using a vm? Or...
  9. L

    Is TOR good enough?

    Say you wanna use tor with Qubes on a usb. Do you think the tor network is good enough to keep you anonymous? Or would you take more steps to anonymize yourself? If so what else would you do?
  10. BoraMurdar

    Tutorial The Dark Web: What Is It

    You may have heard about this mysterious place on the Internet called the ‘Deep Web’. Interest in the deep web and dark web has been on the rise following a few high profile data leaks, a growing interest in online privacy, references in mainstream media, or the widely publicized FBI...
  11. frogboy

    50c buys you someone else's password for Netflix, Spotify or ...

    Criminals are selling 'lifetime' Netflix, HBO, and cable sports streaming accounts for less than US$10 on sites hidden within Tor. Premium sports accounts sell for about $10 while streaming TV can be bought for as low as 50 cents, far less than the $10 monthly subscription. Comic fans can buy...
  12. B

    Tor Browser 5.0.3

    Homepage - Download (en-US)