1. S

    Q&A Addons and Privacy: Is this too much for Firefox?

    On a regular basis we see many adding multiple layers of identical protection to their Windows PCs and Browsers. As far as I can understand Less is Better. At the moment I have Firefox Nightly installed as a secondary browser and wanted to ask if what I currently is OK or Too Much? Being a...
  2. Windows_Security

    Extension Ublock got a third-party exposure scope extension

    Raymon Hill has released a new extension which records which (third-party) websites you have engaged when surfing the internet. After installation when you click the UBO-Scope ICON it informs you about the third-party exposure. When you click the icon, you get the default tile unfiltered (I...
  3. frogboy

    Firefox 57: full Tracking Protection functionality included

    Surprise, surprise. Mozilla slipped Firefox's built-in Tracking Protection feature into the Firefox 57 stable release next week. Tracking Protection was integrated into Firefox back in 2014, and made available in release versions of the browser with the release of Firefox 42. Tracking...
  4. J

    Extension Untrack Me

    Hi guys, this is a new extension that I found, which is able to block tracking URLs. Original Description: The current version avalaible on Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers and on Chrome and Chrome-based browsers is 1.2.1. Thanks for reading ;)
  5. J

    Extension Facebook Tracking Removal for Firefox and Chrome

    Hello, I found this new extension, which can be able to remove users' interaction tracking from external links and videos on Facebook. Original Description: Firefox page: Facebook Tracking Removal - Version: 1.2.0 Chrome page: Facebook Tracking Removal - Version: 1.1.0
  6. L

    Firefox’s Tracking Protection feature gets a boost soon

    Work on Firefox's Tracking Protection feature continues as Mozilla plans to give users more control over the feature by adding tracking groups to the system that users can allow or disallow individually. Tracking Protection is a new privacy feature of Firefox that Mozilla launched in Firefox 42...