1. SuperMarioxT

    Trojan is eating my exe files alive (Gallery.exe)

    It all started when i plugged in an external hdd to copy something to a friend.. Since then the computer started to mess up some apps got deleted and it creates a shortcut for exe's with the letter g to begin with (for example gwitcher 3.exe) and those g files are hidden.. So i need to ask this...
  2. F

    Q&A Gen:Variant.Ursu.371263 - apparently just got in in a c# program of mine

    I was working on a simple c# program when, just as I finished and was about to save, a Bitdefender popup said that the program was infected with Gen.Variant.Ursu.371263 . I tried looking it up on Google, but all I found was a forum post on this website about Gen:Variant.Ursu.225958 , a trojan...
  3. V

    Security Alert Emotet Trojan back

    Emotet Trojan Back? Post is in German Language
  4. C

    My android phone, email, and personal information has been hacked

    About two weeks ago I began seeing pop up ads on my phone. I have basic knowledge on how to remove viruses on PC computers through system restore, but this is something more complex. As I am typing this I am experiencing pop ups in Google chrome from a site called crypto.newsspace.com. I tried...
  5. tonton


    hey guys i came to ask for help because im in desperate need of it, so awhile back my family computer got infected and so did my sisters external hard drive thats around 400GB in size and has a lot of old pictures and movies, what scares me is that it has $RECYCLE.BIN, Drive.bat and Files.bat in...
  6. B

    Svchost virus

    Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post. My question is if I do a factory reset on my hard drive will it delete svchost. Or should I re-install windows I Rather do these options if they will work.
  7. semisweet

    Cannot remove wmcagent.exe (reset pc wont open)

    Cannot remove this file even though I am the admin. I can't open recovery>resest pc to remove the file. I also can't make a recovery drive either because my task bar isn't letting me search for the option. :(
  8. D

    Solved Trojan.Agent.E.Generic stuck in hosts

    I had some adware.qvod that i cleaned manually through regedit. after that i scanned my computer with malwarebytes if there was anything left and there is Trojan.Agent.E.Generic. It is always stuck in hosts and no matter what i do after reebot it comes back. how to remove it? i have frst.txt and...
  9. L

    Solved MEM: Trojan.Win32.Adject.gen malware detected. I have used Kaspersky but to no avail.

    So as the title suggested, i tried deleting it, only for it to come back and wreck havoc. Is there a way to delete it manually ? I will try to post the log when i get the pc up.
  10. upnorth

    Hacking Alert Hancitor Trojan Downloader Evades AV Detection

    Update on the file shows the same. Quote : " For the past weeks, security researchers analyzed various spam campaigns and found one containing a malicious Hancitor trojan. Cybercriminals use the spam email as an attack vector and lure victims to click the malicious Word documents that will drop...
  11. P

    Solved Comodo caught a trojan

    Hello all. First time poster. Today Comodo caught a "trojan" somewhere in the Firefox directory. It "cleaned" it, but I wanted to examine the item, but I accidentally cleaned the log before I could record it. I took a picture of the notice from Comodo but I can't upload it at this time as I get...
  12. G

    Opened a malicious .src file

    I received a file in Skype in a zip folder. I opened it and opened the file because I was expecting a file from that particular sender. I wasn't paying attention (my fault), and I opened an .src file. Shortly afterward, I was prompted by Skype to log in. My username and password did not work. I...
  13. D

    Trojan horse removal: Protecting Troy

    . Read more here
  14. D

    Adware and lockups

    I don't know what to say. I basically can't use any programs connected to the internet. This is very difficult. Edit : I had to do a system restore to when I got the virus. It was the only one i had it seems which really worries me if it delete's previous restore points. I couldn't even use my...
  15. Life

    Genius2.js (HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic) won't go away?

    It keeps reappearing after I delete it. I have no clue what to do. Genius2.js (HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic)
  16. N

    Ccleaner malware distribution. I got the jackpot!

    Well, apparently I got this lovely thing on my desktop today: First, I really cannot understand how someone can inject code into an executable without changing its signature and certificate. I really cannot understand. So if anybody can explain me that, I love learning new things and I really...
  17. B

    i need help removing trojan.clicker from my pc

    Please, its getting unbearable working and playing with these problems
  18. S

    Troubleshoot Infected phone subscribing me to paid SMS services?

    2 times it happened that I got subscribed (without my will) to some SMS services that cost money. First time it happened about 1-2 months ago, second time a few days ago. So, I installed Malwarebytes Antimalware for Android (I did not have any security software installed before), and it found 2...
  19. frogboy

    Iranian Espionage Campaign Hinges on Beautiful (But Fake) Woman

    An APT actor believed to be backed by the Iranian state is using an elaborate fake persona—a beautiful young woman—to lure victims on social media. The fictional person, named Mia Ash, is a linchpin in espionage campaigns from a group known as Cobalt Gypsy, targeting several entities in the...
  20. Lukz

    Help, Trojan.egguard always coming back!

    I downloaded a file on the 23rd that came infected, soon after I realized the error, I used several tools to try to eliminate it, but so far I have not succeeded, because it always comes back. It is always a file called sysnet and syshost, which stays in the program data / microsoft / network...