1. Protomartyr

    Discuss NoScript, uMatrix, uBlock Origin: Medium/Hard Mode

    Do any of you use NoScript, uMatrix, or uBlock Origin in Medium/Hard Mode? If so, Which extension/method do you prefer and why? What do you use it for? Is it worth the effort in fixing site breakages? If you're using an extension I haven't listed, feel free to add it into the discussion...
  2. oldschool

    Extension uBlock Origin development build version

    uBlock Origin developer build v. Use this development build of uBlock Origin if you want to help test new fixes since last stable release version, and to help find regression bugs. Report regression bugs at uBlock Origin issue tracker...
  3. SeriousHoax

    Firefox To prevent third-party trackers disguised as first-party scripts, uBlock Origin is working on a workaround based on Firefox's DNS API

    This API is not supported on Chromium based browsers. https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues/issues/780
  4. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Update uBlock Origin 1.23.0 released

    A new version of uBlock Origin: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases/tag/1.23.0
  5. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Extension The end of uBlock Origin for Google Chrome?

    There has been lots of talk about Google's proposed changes to the Chrome web browser's extensions system and how these changes would affect content blockers and other extensions. The new manifest file for Chrome extensions could end extensions like uBlock Origin for the web browser. Google...
  6. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Q&A Help wanted to block promoted tweets on Twitter.

    Since Twitter got a new interface design I can't seem to block promoted tweets (Uitgelicht in Dutch) anymore with the AdGuard extension or with uBlock Origin. I have to reload the Twitter startpage many times before they get blocked in the end. Also posed the issue on GitHub - AdGuard Filters -...
  7. oldschool

    Discuss uBlock Origin/Nano Adblocker - User Tips, Questions and Issues Thread

    Recently I switched from Nano Adblocker to uBlock Origin with Nano Defender integration because it's a more efficient, faster alternative. I thought I'd start this thread since there is no dedicated one on the forum for those who use either of these adblockers in Medium or Easy Mode to post...
  8. CyberTech

    Chrome Chrome Extension Manifest V3 May Break uBlock Origin Content Blocker

    The Google Chrome development team is working on making some changes to the Chrome Extensions platform that would end the functionality of ad-blockers like uBlock Origin and uMatrix, if implemented as defined in the current draft document. Extension capabilities are restricted through a...
  9. L S

    Q&A uBlock Origin with all filters checked ON - (way to many - domains, ads etc. blocked).

    uBlock Origin with all filters checked ON - (way to many - domains, ads etc. blocked). uBlock Origin (with all filters checked ON) - Just for day ....... to see how it will behave and whether it will consume too much memory, and would it be ok to leave it so without the other included...
  10. Handsome Recluse

    How many does your Privacy Badger block

    Estimate or count the number of domains your Privacy Badger blocks and include whatever script or adblockers or browser/system tweaks you have that could change the numbers. You can also say how many domains the cookies are blocked separately.
  11. M

    Video uBlock Origin Test

    Hi all, This was a test requested by a viewer using several Malware Domain filter lists... Thanks for watching, more videos coming later this week!
  12. R

    Q&A Why is BlackHatWorld blocked by uBlock Origin?

    All I see is a mess of a white website. Is it that dangerous?
  13. Cohen

    Extension uBlock Origin released on Microsoft Store for Edge

    Keep in mind that the add-on is currently a preview build so there may be some bugs; Report bugs and other issues at Issues · nikrolls/uBlock-Edge · GitHub
  14. A

    Update uBlock/Adblock Filter for NSA

    uBlock/Adblock filters to block NSA known servers from Shadow Brokers dump. ! Adblock the NSA. ! List of servers from Matt Swann on Twitter ! If you have uBlock Origin installed, open the page ! chrome://ublock0/content/dashboard.html#1p-filters.html ! and paste these filters on it...
  15. Y

    Q&A Do you report un-blocked ads to adblocking filter developers?

    Yes, do you report un-blocked ads to adblocking filter developers? I am asking this because I wonder how many of you guys using submissions. Nowadays, advertisers are fighting against adblockers and there is anti-adblock filters in our adblocker extensions and applications. Do you think that...
  16. S

    SecurityDolphin New Security 2017

    My new configuration focused on being lightweight while not compromising on protection. Webroot with whitelisting on stops most malware in its tracks, UAC as well, Anti-Exploit stops payloads from even hitting, and DNSCrypt secures DNS. Acrylic DNS and uBlock gets rid of all advertisements that...
  17. conceptualclarity

    Best anti-malvertising programs and extensions?

    For some recent articles on malvertising, see Malvertising Push Infects 288 Popular Websites and Large Angler Malvertising Campaign Hits Top Publishers Frogboy suggests uBlock Origin. I appreciate that. I'm open to it. But I think has a learning curve, and I'm really busy now at this point in...
  18. H

    What is the best adblocker extension in your opinion?

    I'm using uBlock Origin, it's light and simple to use. I used in the past all of these adblocker and I think uBlock Origin is the Best. What is your favorite ad blocker? The light is more uBlock Origin also in your opinion? Mod Edit: added additional adblocks. Note that most work with Firefox...
  19. fantac

    Why 360 total security is in Malware domains list?

    Hi, yesterday I wanted to download 360 total security essential from the official site. I've installed ublock origin that blocked the connection because the link to download the software was blacklisted by Malware Domains. Do you know why?