1. yitworths

    Q&A Malicious Package Found on the Ubuntu Snap Store

    Malware Found on the Ubuntu Snap Store -Source: LINUXUPRISING How many of us were expecting this??? An Ubuntu user has spotted today a cryptocurrency miner hidden in the source code of an Ubuntu snap package hosted on the official Ubuntu Snap Store. One of the app's name is 2048buntu, a...
  2. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Will this be enough security for a Ubuntu machine?

    I was thinking of just using GUFW, a hardened browser, NordVPN, and NordVPN's DNS. Will this be enough to secure my Ubuntu machine? Should I add something?
  3. LukeLovesSecurity

    Why I'm dualbooting Linux with Windows

    At first, I wanted to switch to Linux entirely. But after my research, gaming on linux just wont work for me. Many of the games I normally play on PC either are not available on Linux, or don't work anywhere near as well. I decided to use Ubuntu as my main OS, but for whenever I want to game, I...
  4. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Is my firewall working? (GUFW)

    I am using GUFW, but when I check the status on ufw in the terminal, it says it is active and it is denying incoming, allowing outgoing. So far so good. However, right after that, it says "disabled (routed)". What does that mean? Thanks in advance.
  5. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Switching to Ubuntu: How do I secure it?

    I will be using Ubuntu in a VM till I learn the basics. When I get the hang of it, I think I'm going to make the switch. I am aware about the UFW and GUFW, but what else can I implement? What is the best scanner? Sophos, Clam, ESET? And what 0 day protection can I use? Thanks in advance.
  6. RiguyX

    Troubleshoot BIOS Frozen and Unresponsive

    First of all, sorry if this belongs in Software Help instead. I wasn't quite sure where to put this one. Two days ago, I attempted to install Ubuntu 17.04 on my Windows 10 custom PC. The Ubuntu install screen didn't appear; instead, there were green and purple lines and random characters. I...
  7. Handsome Recluse

    Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE are Coming to the Windows Store

    "It’s important to remember that while you will be able to “install” Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE from the Windows Store you won’t be installing a Linux distro with GUI desktop environment, display server, and suite of X11 apps. You get the a full Ubuntu/Fedora/OpenSUSE user space and development...
  8. S

    Tutorial Install Bash on Windows 10: Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)

    BETA Important note This is the first release of Bash on Windows and it is branded "beta" deliberately - it's not yet complete! You should expect many things to work and for some things to fail! We greatly appreciate you using Bash on Windows and helping us identify the issues we need to fix...
  9. L

    How to secure a ubuntu system?

    I will be using ubuntu in VB. What steps do I take to secure it? This is my first time using linux.
  10. sk3llgamerZDay

    Kdenlive vs Openshot?

    Hi everyone. I have another poll again. What are your thoughts on these two oss software such kdenlive and openshot? I haven't used any in awhile as I just switched to my custom distro. What would you say is more like movie maker? Do you think kdenlive is as vegas pro as movie maker is to...
  11. sk3llgamerZDay

    XP Knockoffs

    Hi everyone. Here I'm at it again with another simple post! I want to know your thoughts on Windows XP Knockoff's such as ChaletOS,Zorin OS or ReactOS. I know most of these are not knockoffs and have their own linux based system. However what are all of your thoughts on the subject? :) I want to...
  12. Sundaram999

    ZorinOS 12.1 released

    Zorin OS 12 released Zorin OS distribution based on Ubuntu with an interface similar to Windows. Homepage: Zorin OS: Your Computer. Better. Zorin OS 12 is built on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS platform. It comes with the Linux kernel 4.4 LTS
  13. Logethica

    Which OS do you use? Windows / Linux / Apple

    Linux rules the world. Where to next?; SOURCE: zdnet.com (ARTICLE DATE: 23rd Aug 2016) At LinuxCon, Jim Zemlin, the Linux Foundation's executive director, said "Linux has gone far beyond what anyone could have expected" and that it's been the "most successful software project in history." He's...
  14. Sundaram999

    Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus) released

    Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.1 LTS released))))
  15. S

    Canonical Survey to Drop 32-bit Support, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit only?

    Quoted from Neowin "Ubuntu 18.04 LTS could be the first release to ship without a 32-bit version if suggestions on an Ubuntu mailing list are acted upon. Dmitri John Ledkov, who suggested dropping i386 support, points out that building i386 (32-bit) images is not free, but “comes at the cost of...
  16. Neuthrone

    Troubleshoot How to Install Lacie Prosche Design Hard Drive Setup Software on Ubuntu 15.10

    Today I got a Lacie Porsche Design 2TB External Hard Disk Drive for my Ubuntu Linux 15.10 Wily Werewolf, I bought it from the Apple Store, which told me that it should work on my Linux laptop since they count it as a "PC" operating system. I opened the box, it said it had software to install on...
  17. Mr.NoName

    How to use Linux As Router

    Hay i have been wondering about how can i setup Linux as Router using Ubuntu and what traffic it can handle ? and what should i need to do this like hardware ..... i have read about it but can't get the final result ..
  18. Neuthrone

    Troubleshoot Ubuntu Login black screen then Login Screen loop for a System76 Oryx Pro Laptop

    Hello friends, I recently got the Gnome desktop environment on the Ubuntu Software Center, and I used the gdm and startx command as said by another forum site. Nothing wrong, they said to logout, tried to login again, goes to a black screen and sends me back to the Ubuntu login screen. Tried...