1. Faybert

    Update Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool.

    New Opera 50, features anti-Bitcoin mining tool, improvements in your VPN, save PDF and other improvements: New year, new browser. Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool - Opera Desktop
  2. Siavash

    Q&A Vulnerability Management

    as you know, one of the critical areas of security is vulnerability management. I'm looking for best software or service here. And the most important factor is the largest database that covers all my Softwares. I have some Tools in my mind include : Sumo ( Software Update Monitor ) Secunia psi (...
  3. jmz2d

    Solved Windows Security Center does not work

    Windows security center does not work, action center is disabled as well (added a screenshot about it) and i could not update my windows defender, i dont have any weird symptoms that look like a virus caused this problem so i am not sure what the problem is. I added my malwarebytes scanlog as well.
  4. Mr.X

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Update Archive

    Windows 10 Update Archive Windows 10 Update Archive Find cumulative, security, deltas, dynamic, etc. updates for your Windows 10 in this great and comprehensive repository
  5. oneeye

    Firefox 55 ? WAIT !!!

    Hi all, You might want to back up your profile on Firefox 54 before updating to 55. Once you do, your profile will not work the same on lower versions, ever again. For Android users, there is an add-on that works perfectly, as I did a backup, encrypted it, password protected, and saved to Drive...
  6. W

    Update Webroot SecureAnywhere Version Released

    As usual, this update applies for all Webroot Home products (Antivirus, Internet Security Plus and Internet Security Complete). Here's a link to the changelog. Details are bellow. Webroot Version (Released June 12th, 2017) - Added New file hash calculation to the agent log files. -...
  7. Parsh

    Update Firefox 54 arrives with multi-process support for all users

    Mozilla today launched Firefox 54 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The new version includes the next major phase of multi-process support, which streamlines memory use, improving responsiveness and speed. That time has now arrived with Firefox 54 — the Electrolysis project, which is the...
  8. pablozi

    Update HitmanPro.Alert 3.6.x BETA Releases

    HitmanPro.Alert 3.6 Build 603 BETA This build focuses on improvements to code injection and related fail-safe mechanisms. Changelog Added code injection fail-safe mechanisms Improved APC Mitigation Improved path translation for thumbprints Fixed detection of Protected Processes and Trustlets...
  9. pablozi

    Update HitmanPro.Alert 3.7.x CTP BETA releases

    Surprise... Due to overwhelming feedback on the Private CTP1 build we decided to make the CTP2 release a Public Beta! In order to keep the BETA and CTP feedback separated from the Support and Discussion thread we created this new thread dedicated to discuss BETA and CTP builds. Otherwise people...
  10. pablozi

    Update HitmanPro.Alert 3.6 Build 602 BETA

    HitmanPro.Alert 3.6 Build 602 BETA We have slightly tweaked the code related to keyboard handling so that Bad USB and Keystroke Encryption now work as expected ... hopefully ;) Changelog (compared to 601) Fixed Bad USB mitigation Fixed Keystroke Encryption Notes This build has co-signed...
  11. S

    Security Alert New Patches released For Adobe Coldfusion versions 10, 11 and 2016. XSS

    On April 25th, Adobe released patches for their ColdFusion Products (10, 11 and 2016). Security Update: Hotfixes available for ColdFusion Priority: 2 Sources: Adobe PSIRT Blog More information is available from Kaspersky Lab's blog: Coldfusion Hotfix Resolves XSS Java Deserialization...
  12. Faybert

    Update ZoneAlarm v15.1.501.17249

    What's new in v15.1.501.17249 - New: Support for Windows 10 Creator’s Update - Improved: New and improved AV engine - Improved: performance enhancements
  13. Winter Soldier

    Update Patch My PC

    Patch My PC Patch My PC Free is a portable and reliable tool which can quickly check your PC for outdated software. The supported third-party programs include a large number of widely-used applications, including Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, iTunes...
  14. T

    'Webroot made my PCs s*** the bed' – AV update borks biz machines hard

    Workaround is to disable the thing – no fix just yet for unlucky corps hit Updated Anti-malware firm Webroot has apologized after an update pushed out this week borked computers at unlucky companies, leaving the PCs unbootable. El Reg learned of the issue through reader Andrew, who reported...
  15. S

    Malware Alert Security Update for Adobe Reader available January 19, 2017 (Out of Band)

    I checked for Updates via the Check for Updates option in Adobe Reader. I had already installed the previously one on January 10th. No security bulletin has been posted yet (it is unclear), but I assume it's important - and possibly a 0-day. When I clicked on Details, it took me here (Details...
  16. ttto

    Microsoft’s Windows 10 design refresh revealed in leaked screenshots

    Microsoft is currently planning to refresh its Windows 10 user interface elements in an update that will arrive later this year. The software giant will make more use of animations, and visual blurring elements from the Aero Glass era of Windows Vista and Windows 7 in what’s described internally...
  17. D

    Solved dllhost.exe and update issues

    Dear all, I'm seeking help to remove C:/Windows/SysWOW64/dllhost.exe that form this post i've understood being a malware. I also think that this is what is preventing me from updating my pc and installing SAS 9.3/9.4 I followed the intial step but then i have seen that a specific tool was...