1. grumpy_joe

    Troubleshoot Which brands are well known in UPS hardware. (Uninterruptible power supply)

    After a weird energy spike which randomly turned my computer off. I am thinking of buying UPS. Better safe than sorry. What brands are well known for casual home user which wants to have around 30mins before turning off the computer, maybe few monitors and a router after a power failure. What...
  2. giulia

    Q&A what program do you use to manage your UPS?

    hi may i know what program do you use to manage your ups? for example i own an acp ups , in my case ,i have installed the acp software (outdated) and it battery starts to operate when voltage exceeds 280 or go down 155 i would decrease the first value and increase the second value acp...
  3. M

    Q&A UPS for PC?

    I want to buy a UPS power by 600VA