1. J

    SECURE: Basic JM Security (VM ONLY) Config

    Hello, I always use this VM (VirtualBox) on my Windows 10 host machine.
  2. Aerdian

    Q&A VMWare & VirtualBox Issues

    Hello! I recently built a new computer and was attempting to install some operating systems in VMWare Workstation Player 14. However, it stated that my host supports AMD-V, but it is disabled. I had already gone into my BIOS and enabled IOMMU, which is (unless I'm incorrect) the virtualization...
  3. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Safely browsing the deep web?

    I won't be going on the deep web for anything illegal, just for viewing things like forums. Would it be safe if I used Xubuntu in VirtualBox? Would any malware be able to get through the virtual machine? Is there anything I should do different? P.S I would prefer to avoid using a Live USB. I'm...
  4. Zhou He

    Q&A VM in malware

    Some more advanced malware and packers, all of them, they use some kind of VMs, it's even hard for me to detect that sample uses a VM, after that analysis and creating a debugger or a disassembler is even harder. Is there any good resource about virtualization used by malware or packers...
  5. Siavash

    Q&A Enhance Virtual Machine Performance

    How to enhance Virtual Machine Performance? I need to Run MacOS High Sierra on Vmware Workstation 14. ( For Xcode ) MacOS Performance On VM is really Awfull! ( They Don't Support it Officially ) My System Specs : CPU: Intel Core i7 4710HQ ( Quad Core CPU ) Disk: Samsung 850 Evo ( Solid State...
  6. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A How do I secure a vm?

    I would usually use Virtual Box when going in dangerous situations, however for my next tests I will be using the deadliest of deadly malware, exploits, and viruses. How do I ensure nothing bypasses my vm?
  7. K

    Q&A VM setup to run and test detection of malware

    Hi Guys, I am looking to create a (hopefully highly customizable) VM to infect with malware so I can test a few malware detection scripts etc. My original plan was to download the ISO myself from the source website (i.e. Get Ubuntu | Download | Ubuntu) and go from there, but I was wondering if...
  8. L

    How to safely use virtual box?

    How do I safely test malware in virtual box? I heard something about using a nat connection, can't remember. Any tips?
  9. S

    Q&A Installing VirtualBox: Should I install everything or not?

    Question: Installing VirtualBox on Windows - Should I install everything? And what do they all mean? VirtualBox Custom Setup hierarchy VirtualBox Application VirtualBox USB Support VirtualBox Networking VirtualBox Bridged Networking VirtualBox Host-Only Networking VirtualBox Python 2.x...
  10. S

    Troubleshoot Virtual Machine Issues with Windows 98 and ME install

    Information about the problem: VMware and VirtualBox do not detect the Retail (Full) isos at startup, and go to network boot After trying a Windows 98 Boot Floppy, It gives me this error message: After using FDISK to try to resolve the previous, it just crashes trying to open the Windows 98/ME...
  11. Jack

    Desktops Show Off!

    Here is mine ! What's yours?