1. B

    Troubleshoot Virus block windows explorer right click

    Hi, I've some problem with windows explorer that whenever I right-click any .exe file it start a load forever, I've other problems with Skype and other windows apps, that don't work after little seconds after their launch, I've tried different antivirus with no resolution of the problem
  2. Rooney54

    Solved virus with g(filename.exe)

    I have this virus and i cant remove it someone can give me fixlist?
  3. O

    Ransomeware Help

    Does anybody can help how to fix this please??
  4. T

    How to remove this malware “dllhostex.exe”

    When i close taskmager software "dllhostex.exe" Auto running. When i Delete Folder "NetworkDistribution" On Safe Mode And restart To Normal I found folder "NetworkDistribution". Windows 7 64Bit Firewall is on Location Malware On "C:\Windows\NetworkDistribution" Thank for help.
  5. S

    Troubleshoot Virus closes Chrome repeatedly

    So, I have this problem with a virus I somehow installed on my computer. What it does is that in an interval of around 15-45 minutes two command prompts opens and closes instantly in a 3 second succession. After that, this virus keeps closing chrome like 5-10 seconds after I open it. Not until I...
  6. B

    Svchost virus

    Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post. My question is if I do a factory reset on my hard drive will it delete svchost. Or should I re-install windows I Rather do these options if they will work.
  7. inmotion28


    Hi, and thanks in advance for your advice. I couldn't run aswmbr, so no log of that attached. The computer was running Microsoft Security Essentials, but that has been disabled by the virus. There are multiple files being created under *username*/appdata/Local/...
  8. P


    Hi there, First of all, I am new here, so I am not sure this is the right section of the forum to write this sort of problems. My issuses begin yesterday when I install a fake app which contained some sort of virus. Suddently both adwcleaner and avg were not working anymore. Also, ads used to...
  9. K

    RISK: Moderate Kerguelen'S Security Config 2018

    There are two startup programs added to System Information on my Windows 10 PC. Please see attachments. NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, and .DEFAULT are the usernames, with strange symbols for the commands. As you can see from the two attachments, each time you view System Information, the command names...
  10. J

    windows process manager (32 bit) Removal help.

    My girlfriend uses my PC for all of about 10 minutes and i had a bunch of viruses. I have managed to clean most of them up (at least i think) by running MBAM, MBAR, and Super Anti Spyware. All though, i can not get rid of this windows process manager (32 bit). See the attached pictures of my...
  11. movibeast

    Solved Malware which is causing low internet speed :(

    Hello Expert, I am using Firefox and Chrome and yes torrent-ing. Before 4 days, I was started to get ads in my Chrome with NOTE "powered by counterflix":( I have used "adwcleaner" which didn't helped alot. After I used it I didn't see add for 5 mins. but after 5 mins I started to see ads again...
  12. S

    Solved Random ads opening every ~40 minutes

    Hi, So I recently downloaded a torrent file from a russian website, which of course had a virus come with it. About every 40 minutes a random ad window will pop up in Google Chrome, regardless of Chrome being open or not. I have tried everything I could think of in order to remove the virus...
  13. P

    Solved Windows svchost.exe virus installed, suspectous activity form Windows/SYSWOW64

    Hi I have some problem with my pc since I installed a software that wasn't what I supposed to have download. I am almost completely sure that is a virus
  14. MrNeonMoon

    Ran Malwarebytes AdwCleaner and now PC is locked

    Basically had a virus called Go.oclasrv and i followed this guide {How to remove Go.oclasrv.com redirect (Virus Removal Guide)} and after it said restart I did but when it booted back up I couldn't login like I would put in my password but it wouldn't enter and even more problems I started to...
  15. U

    Hi im pretty sure that this is a virus since it is not located in window32 but i'll leave it to the professionals

    It consantly runs at 60% and it has no name above it i don't know what to do i. I keep hearing my Cpu fans kick in since it's using so much of the cpu and it's really loud.
  16. T

    Q&A procedure for suspicious removable media

    Hi, From time to time, i receive an usb stick from friends "you should check this out". I am reluctant to just plug in an unknown usb stick or drive (even with a virusscanner installed) I am looking for the safest way to check if these media are clean. One idea was to download a live cd and...
  17. S

    Antivirus blocking regedit and other stuff.

    Hello everyone, I've been having issues lately on my computer, mostly because I can't run regedit.exe nor antivirus software. I noticed it when a few CMD windows popped up and suddenly an application was requesting access to firewall, I don't remember when it started to happen, but I can...
  18. Harel kolter

    Asistence with removing kmspico virus and others

    Hi! as many others on this threads, i have encountered a KMS virus thanks to my little brother who though it is an easy an safe way to finish my problems with MS office. I am encountering the following problems: i currently cannot start mcafee and receiving "blocked by administrator" due to...
  19. Wileout

    Windows Process Manager (32 Bit) Virus

    I recently downloaded a patch for a program that contained a virus. I have several Windows Process Manager (32 bit) in my task manager as well as tasks called rarnzpc and wibeaotsvc. I had 2 folders in my Local folder that cant be opened or deleted. I tried deleting them in safe mode and that...
  20. Mrko2345

    Solved Chromesearch.club on Google Chrome

    I firstly reseted Chrome to deafult settings (it didn't help) after that I ran Windows Defender, MalwareBytes and rKill. Then I uninstalled Chrome because noting heleped. After reinstalling Chrome the problem was still there so I booted up safe mode and ran MalwareBytes and rKill. Problem is...