1. CyberTech

    Microsoft Edge One Vivaldi Feature Microsoft Should Launch in Chromium Microsoft Edge Browser

    By giving up on EdgeHTML and moving to Chromium, Microsoft Edge becomes one of the several high-profile browsers out there running on this particular engine. And while Google Chrome is obviously the most famous Chromium-based browser, it’s isn’t necessarily the most advanced too. As I said on...
  2. S

    Update Vivaldi 2.3 is now available

    The first release of 2019 has arrived. Vivaldi 2.3 introduces Auto-Stacking in Tabs, addresses the Address Field and more Read more: Vivaldi Update | Auto-Stacking Tabs including Changelog Download: Download Vivaldi Softpedia Review: Hands-On with All the New Features in Vivaldi 2.3
  3. A

    Update IDM now supports downloading from Vivaldi

    The latest version of IDM (6.31 Build 7) now supports Vivaldi. IDM will catch the download links from Vivaldi.
  4. A

    Update Vivaldi 2.0 has arrived!

    I have just received a new Vivaldi update. The stable release of Vivaldi 2.0 has arrived! Vivaldi 2.0 is a major step forward for the browser and our most stable version yet. Head over to our blog (vivaldi.com/blog) for the highlights of today's update, including: Syncing between devices...
  5. CyberTech

    Update Vivaldi 1.15 update information

    Vivaldi 1.15 update information Vivaldi Technologies released a new version of the company's web browser Vivaldi to the public today. Vivaldi 1.15 improves several features of the browser; it adds more options to full-screen mode, improves audio playback, and adds even more options to the...
  6. Faybert

    Update Vivaldi V1.14.1077.50

    Download Vivaldi The following improvements were made since the second 1.14 stable release: [Regression] CPU and Memory leak with new window VB-37349 [Regression] Mouse pointer offset VB-36503 [Regression] Protocol handlers are not passed along anymore VB-34229 Updated translations Updated...
  7. Faybert

    Update Vivaldi Browser 1.14 update released

    Vivaldi 1.14 is out. The new version of the web browser features a vertical reader view and usability improvements for various built-in features. Vivaldi Technologies AS launched the first preview version of the Vivaldi Browser three years ago in January 2015, and the first stable version in...
  8. Faybert

    Vivaldi Browser and Privacy

    Vivaldi Technologies AS was accused recently of incorporating spyware in the browser. A user claimedthat Vivaldi Technologies incorporated spyware in the browser because the browser connects to https://update.vivaldi.com/stats/piwik.php regularly. Piwik is a self-hosted analytics software that...
  9. HeroCloudAntivirus

    Compare Performance Opera Or Vivaldi browser?

    I came across this test between Opera AND Vivaldi, what do you guys choose (in terms of security)?
  10. K

    Q&A Does Hola VPN extension on Google Chrome connects P2P Network?

    Hello everyone. Thank you for your access. I am a user of the latest version Firefox and Vivaldi Browser. I have a question about "Hola VPN" extension on Google Chrome. Today, I installed the Vivaldi Browser and some extensions to my desktop PC. I am using Firefox, and I like it very much...
  11. S

    How to Watch Netflix on Vivaldi and Chromium-based browsers

    "If you're using a GNU/Linux distro and you want to watch Netflix movies, you are kind of forced to use the Google Chrome or Opera web browsers, though only the first is fully supported." Here's how to watch Netflix movies on Vivaldi and Chromium-based browsers If your web browser of choice is...