1. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A How do I secure a vm?

    I would usually use Virtual Box when going in dangerous situations, however for my next tests I will be using the deadliest of deadly malware, exploits, and viruses. How do I ensure nothing bypasses my vm?
  2. I

    Q&A IceLion36 Isolate VM from the host

    I'm using VMware player with Debian installed as guest. I have Windows installed on the host machine. On the network preferences I'm using Bridged network but in Windows task manager i can see the network usage of the network adapter. Using Wireshark i can see the packets of the virtual machine...
  3. Der.Reisende

    Hacking Alert Virtual machine escape fetches $105,000 at Pwn2Own hacking contest

    Contestants at this year's Pwn2Own hacking competition in Vancouver just pulled off an unusually impressive feat: they compromised Microsoft's heavily fortified Edge browser in a way that escapes a VMware Workstation virtual machine it runs in. The hack fetched a prize of $105,000, the highest...