1. S

    Psiphon - VPN / Proxy

    Read Review: Psiphon for Windows lets you unblock and access blocked websites "Psiphon is a free and cross-platform portable VPN app that is mainly available for Windows OS, 32-bit or 64-bit machine. Using this tool, you can get nine different servers or locations where you can connect to. By...
  2. R

    Q&A Hoxx VPN proxy - Firefox Addon

    Does anyone recommend this addon? I have been trying it just to navigate websites and it seems really fast and with lots of available servers. Seems too good to be true. Thoughts?
  3. Rengar

    Q&A VPN, proxy meaning and config

    Hi all! I want to ask 3 questions: 1) What is a VPN and what is a proxy( with simple words pls) 2) Why should i use them 3)How can i use them and configure them Thanks :)
  4. R

    Q&A Kaspersky Secure Connection - any good?

    So this is now part of Kaspersky and we all get free 200MB daily. Has anyone been using it? Is it any good?
  5. Parsh

    Research warns of risks associated with Android VPN apps

    Some common notions about the security and effectiveness of the many VPN products available on Google Play Store have been debunked by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) recently. VPNs are largely believed to provide all-round privacy protection through various...
  6. R

    Q&A What impact a VPN has on Accounts? Can it mess up Facebook, Google, etc... because of IP changes?

    So i was thinking about getting a subscription to a VPN service, and I've gathered most of the basic infos there is to know. Still, i have some questions for which i didn't find any clear answer. 1: What is the impact of using a VPN on your Google, Facebook, Twitter and such accounts ? 2: As...
  7. bunchuu

    Q&A Do you trust your VPN service 100% ?

    Do you trust your VPN service 100% ? here is the original article
  8. A

    Over 700,000 people now use Windscribe. 15,000 of them are online right this second

    Over 700,000 people now use Windscribe. 15,000 of them are online right this second. Thank you for choosing windscribe! :rolleyes: Please write a review for the product Windscribe Reviews | Customer Service Reviews of Windscribe | windscribe.com Source: Here
  9. frogboy

    VPN Firms Set for a Great 2017 Thanks to Snoopers’ Charter

    Virtual private network (VPN) providers are reporting an upsurge in interest from UK citizens keen to avoid state snoopers after the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill was passed. Despite widespread opposition from rights groups, legal experts and the public - but crucially not the Labour...
  10. Venhiem

    On Sale! A lifetime of VPN

    SourcForge seem to be a having a large sale, and many VPN services are on huge discounts. All these are lifetime subscriptions. VPN Unlimited $29.99 94% off SlickVPN $29 97% off Infinity VPN $45 90% off Unblock All $39 81% off ZoogTV VPN $39 94% off VPN Forever $29.99...
  11. adamwright

    On Sale! Ivacy VPN Christmas Sale - 86% OFF on 2 Year Plan - $39.95 Only

    2 Years of Ivacy VPN Subscription available for USD 39.95 Some Features (as advertised on website): *200+ Servers in 100+ Locations *P2P Optimized Servers available in US, UK, Canada and many more countries *Unlimited Bandwidth *Unlimited Server switching *5 Multi-Logins *Split Tunneling...
  12. Jake Miguel

    On Sale! PureVPN Deal - 71% off till 31st December 2016

    Guys found this link on BlackFriday so I bought this vpn service and its still on till 31st December. Its kinda cheap considering the Ip addresses and server choices it offers. They are offering 71% off on their annual plan making it as low as US$35 and monthly US$2.91. I am not associated with...
  13. Fritz

    Update NordVPN doubles down on security in the UK

    The UK’s Investigatory Power’s Bill, commonly known as the “Snooper’s Charter,” is now officially slated to become part of UK law, putting Britain under "the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy", as Edward Snowden noted. In order to prepare for what seems to be an...
  14. S

    Q&A Does using a Secure DNS conflict with a VPN?

    I am to revert back to Avast Premier as primary protection, however, since I have Windscribe VPN Windows client installed, I want to ask about if there will be any conflicts between using Avast's Secure DNS with an active VPN client? About Secure DNS | Link About Windscribe VPN | Link
  15. K

    Q&A Does Hola VPN extension on Google Chrome connects P2P Network?

    Hello everyone. Thank you for your access. I am a user of the latest version Firefox and Vivaldi Browser. I have a question about "Hola VPN" extension on Google Chrome. Today, I installed the Vivaldi Browser and some extensions to my desktop PC. I am using Firefox, and I like it very much...
  16. Sundaram999

    Expired Steganos Online Shield VPN - 1 year free for 3 devices

    Steganos Online Shield VPN - 1 year free license HOW DOES THIS WORK?
  17. SpartacusSystem

    Tutorial How to Torrent Safely and Legally

    Source: How to Torrent Safely and Legally Torrenting is usually associated with copyright infringement. Online pirates use torrents to illegally download movies, video games, music, software, and much more. Even before Netflix banned the use of VPNs to watch movies and TV shows, many resorted...
  18. Logethica

    Security Alert Connecting to public Wi-Fi poses grave risk to security

    Connecting to public Wi-Fi poses grave risk to security: According to a report from Malaysia-based publication The Star Online, connecting to public networks poses a grave risk to your security. LE Global Services (LGMS) Executive Director Fong Choong Fook said that he would never use a public...
  19. generalwu

    Q&A Need recommendation for Chrome browser extension VPN

    Hi, I'm looking for some recommendation for VPN that's a chrome extension. Currently I'm using PIA VPN on my Chromebook and would like to have a VPN/proxy extension to compliment my surfing experience. I got burn by subscribing to Gom VPN which is unstable for my past one month experience...
  20. Y

    Q&A VPNium Free VPN

    Hi, I am searching about VPN softwares (free ones).. I saw this one. They said these feature and they are very good, I want to ask you before? - No logs - No registrations - No ads and this They also have premium VPN. They make money from those users. So, what do you think friends? You can...