1. Black Wings

    Q&A Webroot + NoVirusThanks ExeRadarPro, What do you think?

    A friend gave me a license for Webroot I'm impressed with how light it is, but I don't really know if it's a worthwhile product and I would like to know your opinion about this combo. I've seen that it has a Sandbox module, but I have no idea about the quality of it. I would...
  2. In2an3_PpG

    VIPRE Outperforms Webroot in Head-To-Head Comparison

    VIPRE Outperforms Webroot in Head-To-Head Comparison - VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud Edition achieves perfect protection rate, while visibility, speed and ease of analysis prove superior in AV-Comparatives’ independent testing CLEARWATER, Fla. – Nov. 7, 2017 – VIPRE® Endpoint Security Cloud...
  3. Petrovic

    Update Webroot SecureAnywhere

    Webroot now utilizes a gradual rollout method for releases. As such, not all users will receive this update at the same time. Version (Released September 25th, 2017) Added Efficacy improvements Further optimization of cloud communications Support for Windows 10 Fall Creators release...
  4. W

    Update Webroot SecureAnywhere Version Released

    As usual, this update applies for all Webroot Home products (Antivirus, Internet Security Plus and Internet Security Complete). Here's a link to the changelog. Details are bellow. Webroot Version (Released June 12th, 2017) - Added New file hash calculation to the agent log files. -...
  5. anoukq

    Help Me Decide "Lightest-weight" free real time AV? (Top contenders: Avira, Bitdefender, or pay for Webroot?)

    I have a fairly old, slow computer (albeit souped up a bit with a 1 TB Barracuda SSHD): a Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241, 8GB RAM, i5-5500u, and am running Windows 10 Home x64, everything current/updated. I use Chrome and/or Vivaldi as my browser, if that makes a difference. I've been using Avast...
  6. T

    'Webroot made my PCs s*** the bed' – AV update borks biz machines hard

    Workaround is to disable the thing – no fix just yet for unlucky corps hit Updated Anti-malware firm Webroot has apologized after an update pushed out this week borked computers at unlucky companies, leaving the PCs unbootable. El Reg learned of the issue through reader Andrew, who reported...
  7. R

    Review Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete Review

    I currently use Webroot and it is one of my favorite antivirus, but I've tried to stay as neutral as possible in this review, while trying to provide as much useful info as possible. This is my first review on Malwaretips so i hope I've done things right :rolleyes: Anyway please comment bellow...
  8. R

    Help Me Decide Combo: (Norton, Malwarebytes, Acronis, Diskeeper) or (Webroot + HitmanPro)?

    Hi guys, So recently my computers where CRIPPLED because of Malwarebytes 3.0, so i sadly have decided to uninstall it. But after taking the time of checking out how many ressources my softs where using, i noticed that they where slowing me down quite a lot, and I'm now wondering if they're...
  9. safe1st

    Video Webroot SecureAnywhere prevention and detection Test

    Thanks for watching Hope you enjoyed the video :)
  10. S

    SecurityDolphin New Security 2017

    My new configuration focused on being lightweight while not compromising on protection. Webroot with whitelisting on stops most malware in its tracks, UAC as well, Anti-Exploit stops payloads from even hitting, and DNSCrypt secures DNS. Acrylic DNS and uBlock gets rid of all advertisements that...
  11. C

    Q&A Kaspersky 365 + Webroot Secure Anywhere ?

    Can it be Good combo???????? That combo is running fine or is Kaspersky 365 enough Thanks
  12. shmu26

    WSA + Crystal Security?

    Is the active protection of Crystal Security a good complement to WSA? I am asking specifically about the active protection module. If this is not a good solution, what is? I am looking for a solution that leaves the system quick and responsive, even if it does not provide bullet-proof...
  13. L

    Review Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

    I use WSA for a long time on my LabZero and I thought of doing this review. I tested WSA with a malware pack from Malware Hub (thanks @Kumaran) with 50 samples. http://malwaretips.com/threads/50-mixed-malware-samples-2015-09-25.51331/ 43/50 detected Note: this is only indicative detection...
  14. Petrovic

    Webroot Launches Industrial IoT Security Kit

    Internet security firm Webroot has launched a new toolkit aimed at delivering threat intelligence and increased security for connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Built for designers of IoT and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, the new Webroot IoT Security Toolkit offers...
  15. Petrovic

    Webroot - PC Agent Release Notes For Version

    To be compatible with the release of Windows 10, we are releasing our SecureAnywhere 9.0 version. Should you be considering upgrading to Windows 10, we would strongly recommend updating your SecureAnywhere version to our 9.0 release if you do not have automatic updating in place. This will...