1. idunno

    Q&A How likely is it for a virus to spread via the network?

    I know I posted an article asking if this is possible, but now I want to know how likely is it. I read somewhere it is exetremly unlikely but that post was from 2013 and things could have changed. So, how likely is it? -Thanks!
  2. S

    Wifi not working after malwarebytes adware/malware removal

    HI there My browser started showing ad since morning, so i knew there are some malwares. Kaspersky did not find any so I downloaded the malware removal trial software from malwarebytes, and it did cleanup all malwares. BUT, my wifi stopped working since then. Any help?
  3. tryfon

    Hotel Wifi Being Targeted By Hackers

    “Just because your hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi, it doesn’t mean you have to take it. Hackers may be lurking, looking to compromise your computer, especially if you’re a high priority target staying at luxury hotels around the globe. The DarkHotel hacker group has been active for more than...
  4. S

    Virgin Media turns 100k+ Home Routers into Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

    Opt-in by default Virgin Media has finally begun converting customer Super Hubs into public Wi-Fi hotspots. Some customers have reported receiving an e-mail from Virgin, letting them know that their home router is now broadcasting a public Wi-Fi signal. Virgin Media is opting in "hundreds of...
  5. D

    Tutorial Secure your home Wi-Fi network (simple Must Do)

    Hi, Some people are asking me, how do i protect my wi-fi from intruders? not really complicated. 1- Password: Choose a good long complicated password with special sign if possible like : @umbr4.i5.da.b3st@ 2- Allow only your devices In modern router you can filter the MAC adresses...
  6. Elpibe

    Windows 10 no Wifi

    Okay, heres the problem... My brother bought a new gamer MSI notebook with Windows 10, he couldnt connect to our home wifi and tell me to repair it. I try by my own and nothing (i have 0 experience with Windows 10), google for a fix and make it worse cause wifi disappear. Theres a youtube video...
  7. N

    No WiFi after Malwarebytes scan and quarantine

    Hi, Last night I ran a Malwarebytes scan on my Windows 10 (64bit) laptop, and the scan found "Unknown.Rootkit.Driver, C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\nwifi.sys" and then recommended quarantining the file, which I did. Since then, I have had no wifi access and I have had no success fixing the...
  8. frogboy

    Research on unsecured Wi-Fi networks across the world

    The very nature of wireless Wi-Fi networks means that hackers or criminals simply need to be located near an access point in order to eavesdrop and intercept network traffic. Poorly configured access point encryption or services that allow data to be sent without any encryption pose a serious...
  9. Logethica

    Wi-Fi: Theft, Spying, & Security.

    THINK A NEIGHBOR IS STEALING YOUR WI-FI? FIND OUT FOR SURE.. Is your internet a little slow? Do videos on YouTube take too long to buffer? Do movies on Netflix show up in a lower resolution than expected? We’ve got some bad news for you — one of your neighbors might be stealing your Wi-Fi...
  10. kev216

    Security Alert New attack bypasses HTTPS protection on Macs, Windows, and Linux

    A key guarantee provided by HTTPS encryption is that the addresses of visited websites aren't visible to attackers who may be monitoring an end user's network traffic. Now, researchers have devised an attack that breaks this protection. The attack can be carried out by operators of just about...
  11. C

    internet stopped working after using malwarebytes

    So I, like an idiot clicked the wrong download button on a website and got a virus. I found Malwarebytes online and it had good reviews so I scanned my PC and found 1,702 possible infected files. Naturally I deleted all PUPs. After this I restarted my PC to find that I was connected to by router...
  12. kev216

    Engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power

    The upside of Wi-Fi is that it’s everywhere – invisibly connecting laptops to printers, allowing smartphones to make calls or stream movies without cell service, and letting online gamers battle it out. The downside is that using Wi-Fi consumes a significant amount of energy, draining the...