1. S

    black screen virus

    Recently, I found that my computer was infected by a virus that slow down my computer, when I started my computer, it seems much slower and black screen for a long time before starting the window. It boots up sometimes until 2 minutes. I tried to uninstall the software such as Antivirus 360...
  2. A

    Troubleshoot TC header Windows header Troubles

    I'm crossposting from Wilders to hit a broader spectrum of people. One thing I did forget to state there is that, when I get to the recovery tools part in the story below, I tried sfc /scannow, it finds something but can't fix it until next boot. Thus, I reboot, but it's the BSOD junk so it...
  3. Windows_Security

    Q&A MemProtect

    Friends, Really a great piece of free software which uses Windows internal mechanism and a great add-on to every security setup. @WildByDesign is sort of the intermediate between developer and security forums, so thanks to his feedback collection the developer implements user request (when he...
  4. D

    Solved dllhost.exe and update issues

    Dear all, I'm seeking help to remove C:/Windows/SysWOW64/dllhost.exe that form this post i've understood being a malware. I also think that this is what is preventing me from updating my pc and installing SAS 9.3/9.4 I followed the intial step but then i have seen that a specific tool was...
  5. D

    Windows 7 better than Windows 10, really?

    OK , so i have installed Windows 7 on a low-end laptop (1ghz atom cpu, 2gb Ram) which is a similar specs available at Windows 7 release , and since many many people claimed that Windows 10 is crappy compared to Windows 7 ; let me compared Windows 7 to Windows 10 ... i will even use Windows 7 Ultimate vs Windows 10 Home this will be...
  6. D

    Windows Updates hanging and not downloading?

    Hi guys, As you know Windows 7 is crappy with Windows Updates, yesterday i installed it and it can't even updates itself (unlike with Windows 10 which was flawless) So after long searches , i found a way , follow this guide and it "should" solve the issue: Search for Windows Updates takes forever? - A...
  7. robbyrob

    Troubleshoot Computer wont boot, stuck on Starting Windows.

    So my moms computer started doing something which has me going nuts at this point. My mom has an older dell that has been giving her problems. This was actually my older PC i gave her when I got a new one. One day I got the call we all dread when we get from "anyone in the family that sees us as...
  8. Anne Terri

    Assistance in removing Safe Finder

    March 24, 2016 I have a safe search infiltration taking over my firefox browser. It happened when I downloaded from a free site a gif to mp4 conversion tool. Please assist. Bless you and Thank you for your assistance. Anne Terri email removed