1. Correlate

    Windows 10 Intel driver update for Windows 10 causing display aberrations

  2. Syafiq

    Troubleshoot Problem with Show/hide desktop icons

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. Correlate

    Windows 10 Microsoft releases first preview of PowerToys for Windows 10

  4. S

    Microsoft Your Phone app can now mirror Android notifications

    Get Your Phone app: Get Your Phone - Microsoft Store Microsoft's Your Phone app for Windows 10 can now mirror your Android notifications. You'll be able to view and manage notifications as they come in, without picking up your phone. The feature is rolling out broadly for all Your Phone users...
  5. S

    Microsoft Decoupling itself from Windows 10; Cortana beta appears in Microsoft Store

    Download: Get Cortana - Beta - Microsoft Store
  6. Panny

    Update MiniTool Released Partition Wizard 11.4 May 2019 Update

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 3 - The industry leader MiniTool Solution had just released MiniTool Partition Wizard 11.4, its latest partition management software. We deliver a comprehensive overview of the advanced disk and partition management program of the update and minor bug fixes...
  7. S

    Update The new Windows Terminal (Github+Download)

    Microsoft Blog: Introducing Windows Terminal | Windows Command Line Tools For Developers Github: microsoft/Terminal Key Features Multiple Tabs Beautiful GPU-based text rendering Setting and configurability Emoji support Open source and more! Related News articles...
  8. BoraMurdar

    Tutorial How to slim Windows 10 and make it superfast

    Today I will talk about the tools, scripts, and tweaks which will help you make your Windows 10 faster. Windows 10, in its nature, is already preconfigured to optimally run your everyday tasks with only resources it needs and it allocates, but in today's topic, I will try to explain what areas...
  9. S

    Windows 10 Why Do You Use Windows 10?

    For Part 2: Q&A - Why Do You Use Windows Defender Antivirus? Self-explained thread title. Windows 10 is: Invades Your Privacy Bloated Weak Security Buggy Updates Unstable Vulnerable to Malware No 2-way Firewall Slow Performance Cannot run 16-bit programs .. Comment below.
  10. A

    Windows 10 Windows 10 to Automatically Remove Updates That Cause Problems

    Windows 10 will automatically uninstall Windows updates that cause startup failures due to incompatibility or issues in new software according to a support document published by Microsoft today. Windows updates will be automatically removed when Windows detects that it has recovered from a...
  11. S

    Security Alert Google recommends Windows 7 users to upgrade now!

    Via Google: Abandon Windows 7 and Upgrade to Windows 10 Right Now Google Online Security Blog: Disclosing vulnerabilities to protect users across platforms We strongly believe this vulnerability may only be exploitable on Windows 7 due to recent exploit mitigations added in newer versions of...
  12. dJim

    Q&A Alternative to Windows Search?

    Hello all !! Im just discover " everything " a program to search in windows files, question is ... its is really works good for totally remplace the windows search option ( mean desactive complety ) what abouth disk writte/read ( got a SSD ) there are any other search option more viable...
  13. CyberTech

    Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1803 is also broken after Latest Security Patches

    Full article: Windows 10 Users Report Bugs & BSOD After Installing Latest Security Patch
  14. A

    SECURE: Complete Arequire's Security Configuration 2019

    Other points related my security configuration: SysHardener personalised tweaks applied Multiple security related flags enabled in Brave Freedome VPN permanently connected to safeguard against mandatory logging of browsing history by UK ISPs
  15. Andrew3000

    Microsoft Microsoft will provide a Sandbox mode to Windows

    Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight desktop environment tailored for safely running applications in isolation. How many times have you downloaded an executable file, but were afraid to run it? Have you ever been in a situation which required a clean installation of Windows, but didn’t want to...
  16. Andy Ful

    Q&A Simple Stupid Security vs. free AV

    Simple Stupid Security (SSS) Imagine that you have an option in Windows Defender on Windows 10, which could turn ON/OFF the below restrictions: Block Windows scripts (JScript, VBScript, PowerShell) and Java files (JAR). Set SmartScreen to 'Block' (the user cannot bypass SmartScreen). Would...
  17. Panny

    Q&A MiniTool ShadowMaker 3.0 - What do you think?

    MiniTool ShadowMaker is a professional backup tool, which can provide data protection services and disaster recovery solutions for your PCs. It is the best backup software that can back up OS, files and folders, disks and partitions. With this backup software, you are able to restore data once a...
  18. S

    Q&A Does Uninstall remove all leftovers for native UWP Apps?

    When you uninstall a native UWP app that you download from Microsoft Store, does Windows 10 remove all files/folder related to that app? Not talking about Win32/WPF. Here's what I am talking about: Image: Right-click to Uninstall an UWP app. Also read this: Is there a future for true...