1. Adrian Ścibor

    [CheckLab.pl] Test of the best solutions to protect workstations in micro and small companies

    Dear MWT forum Readers. In November 2019, the CheckLab.pl organization prepared a list of popular solutions to protect computers in micro and small enterprises. Among the tested solutions, there are 13 specialized top-notch products, and also one solution for big business — Comodo Advanced...
  2. oldschool

    Q&A Questions: Windows Defender Sandbox and Tamper Protection - Have they now been combined? Will MS include default WD sandboxing?

    A question was raised on Wilders about Windows Defender Sandbox recently and it got me thinking: Has WD sandbox been incorporated into Tamper Protection? M$ as usual provides little documentation and the two official sources I know of are these: Tamper Protection and Windows Defender Sandbox...
  3. Robbie

    Discuss Using Defender as your first line of defense

    Hello everybody! Hope you started your week the better way possible! I was thinking about a light, free setup for my secondary laptop, my first though was: 1. Windows Defender (Configure_Defender HIGH Settings) + VoodooShield Free As a second option, I thought about: 2. Windows Defender +...
  4. N

    Q&A Protection History - display full path?

    Hi, Protection history messages do not display the full file path, eg they will say that WD blocked "setup.exe", which is not very informative as there can be many setup.exe in a given PC. Is there a way to make the messages display the full path of the executable?
  5. Robbie

    Discuss Windows Defender Core Isolation blocks an overclocking software

    I have read about Core Isolation module on Windows Defender and it is pretty interesting. I would very much like to use it, but it blocks ThrottleStop, an undervolt and overclock software, which I use in order to cool down the temperatures on my laptop. As far as I have read, Core Isolation...
  6. G

    Help Me Decide Mcafee Multi Access vs Windows Defender

    I upgraded to 100/100 fiber and my ISP gives me 3 McAfee Multi Access licenses (I'm currently running Windows Defender with PUA detection plus Quad9). The last time I tried McAfee it rendered my previous laptop barely usable but it looks that things changed now. Which one would you choose?
  7. A

    SECURE: Complete Arequire's Security Configuration 2019

    Other points related my security configuration: SysHardener personalised tweaks applied Multiple security related flags enabled in Brave Freedome VPN permanently connected to safeguard against mandatory logging of browsing history by UK ISPs
  8. Der.Reisende

    Video Is Windows Defender actually heavier than other Antivirus? [TPSC]

    Thank you @ Leo from TPSC for the video!
  9. Andy Ful

    Q&A Simple Stupid Security vs. free AV

    Simple Stupid Security (SSS) Imagine that you have an option in Windows Defender on Windows 10, which could turn ON/OFF the below restrictions: Block Windows scripts (JScript, VBScript, PowerShell) and Java files (JAR). Set SmartScreen to 'Block' (the user cannot bypass SmartScreen). Would...
  10. E

    Q&A Windows Defender's Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) Rule Tests

    Hiya I've decided to come back to testing Windows Defender's Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) feature - which is part of the Exploit Guard component - and I've created this thread to share my testing results for various rules as and when I have time to prepare and run a test for them. I'll test...
  11. Robbie

    Video Windows Defender vs GandCrab Ransomware: video review

    During today's test for the Hub (which I will be posting later tonight, PS thanks @silversurfer!) I found this specific piece of malware that I loved, because of what it did. So I recorded a quick review for you to see. Who will win? The whole Microsoft Security Team or... this little boy...
  12. Aerdian

    Video Windows Defender 2018 Review

    A simple AV test I did of Windows Defender. I try to make these videos quick but helpful since there are so many different options for your AV. Please let me know any recommendations I should change for future videos :)
  13. CyberTech

    Test Windows Defender Antivirus (or other security software)

    Test Windows Defender Antivirus (or other security software) Windows Defender Antivirus is the default security application for devices running Microsoft's Windows operating system. Like Windows Firewall, it may not offer the best protection or functionality, but it is there to protect systems...
  14. LukeLovesSecurity

    Help Me Decide What should I go with? Bitdefender Free or Windows Defender?

    I am looking for a lightweight signature based scanner to work with OSArmor and VoodooShield. I am stuck between Bitdefender Free and Windows Defender, what do you guys think?
  15. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A How do I configure WD for maximum security?

    I plan to use Windows' default security with some extra third part tools, however I haven't used it in years and I've heard its a lot different now. What should I enable or disable for maximum protection?
  16. S

    Update New Improvements to Windows Defender (Spring Creators Update)

    Learn more: Windows Defender System Guard: Making a leap forward in platform security with memory integrity - Microsoft Tech Community - 167303 In an upcoming release of Windows 10, we will be bringing a subset of VBS features to all editions of Windows to ensure our customers remain safe from...
  17. Andy Ful

    Q&A ConfigureDefender utility for Windows 10

    ConfigureDefender utility for Windows 10. The actual ConfigureDefender installers' links (ver. for Windows 64-bit: AndyFul/ConfigureDefender for Windows 32bit: AndyFul/ConfigureDefender . ConfigureDefender utility is a GUI application to view and configure important Defender settings...
  18. toto

    Help Me Decide Windows Defender vs Comodo Antivirus

    I am currently running Windows Defender and I think it fits my needs because I only use this laptop for streaming media, Microsoft Office work, social media browsing, nothing much.... I have Comodo on a copy of Windows 10 on a virtual box just to test it, and I find it to be very light on...
  19. D

    How to fix ‘Antimalware Service Executable’ high CPU usage

    How to fix ‘Antimalware Service Executable’ high CPU usage Hope it will help those facing this issue :)