1. Panny

    Update MiniTool Partition Wizard Update for July 3, 2019

    Original Press Release: MiniTool Releases a New Version of Partition Wizard Software VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 4, 2019 /CSO/ -- MiniTool® Software Ltd has released version 11.5 of its disk manager software for all Windows Home and Server users. This release includes many features...
  2. ayan4u

    Troubleshoot Windows 10 version 1903 Update not showing up!

    The May 2019 update (1903) is not showing up,my windows 10 is still at version 1809! Is it just me or is it that update is not yet available for everyone?
  3. Windows_Security

    Q&A Which FREE Windows 10 privacy tool are you using and why do you like it so much?

    Forum members, I have a question Tools like O & O shutup, W10Privacy, DisableWinTracking, PrivacyRepairer, Private Winten promise the user to take back some control over Microsoft's telemetry data gathering machine. Since I will be installing Windows10Pro soon on my desktop, I am interested to...
  4. Windows_Security

    Windows 10 Use Windows 10 build-in (anti)execution options

    Pictures explain it all, when you try to execute a downloaded program it will be blocked (rtight), when clicking on change settings you will be shown options (left) to temporarily allow software not from Microsoft Store (and or non-Microsoft signed code). Windows update works okay while...
  5. Gagan Bhat

    Windows Process Manager (32 Bit)

    So I am plagued with this Windows Process Manager (32 Bit) issue. Looks like it is impacting a lot of people recently. It is really persistant and doesn't give me authorization to stop the process. Ignored at first, but now I can see real performance hits on my machine. I have attached the...
  6. steel9

    W10: Anyone else having all "Shutting down", "Restarting", ... replaced with "Just a moment"?

    Recently after updating Windows 10 to Fall Creators Update (1709) (I think this started to happen after clicking the "forgot password" button on the sign in screen, just a theory), all messages on the shutdown/boot screen in Windows (for example "Shutting down", "Restarting", "Welcome", ...)...
  7. steel9

    Anyone else that hasn't received Fall Creators Update yet via Windows Update?

    I know that you can still update manually but I think it is strange that my main PC hasn't received the update yet while my laptop has.
  8. D

    Windows 10 Install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition now

    Install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition now Download the 3.9GB Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition ISO from here.
  9. MrExplorer

    Help Me Decide MacOS Sierra vs Windows 10(Creator)

    I have been reading about macOS for quite some time & tried it out on one of my friends Macbook Air too. The operating system seems to be great & have plenty of features and its integration with iOS is quite fantastic. What i really want to know is which is better in which perspective like...
  10. E

    Windows activation scam virus screen lock

    My methods already used explains what I've tried to do. I log in, whole screen covers in blue windows 10 product activation key needed because of suspicious activity ect... Not sure what to do. Only solution found was disconnecting my pc from the internet but I am not able to upload my frst nor...