1. V

    Help Me Decide Malwarebytes vs Avast (Android)

    There is a built-in security app on Xiaomi smartphones. And this uses standard Avast signatures. Now the question if I should continue to use this or downloading & using Malwarebytes?
  2. Soulweave

    Mobile Upcoming Xiaomi Poco F1 Device news

    An interesting article on the upcoming Xiaomi Poco F1 device. Main part of the article: "At the official launch event of the Xiaomi Poco F1, Jai Mani announced that unlocking the phone’s bootloader will not void the manufacturer’s warranty. This means you’re completely allowed to play around...
  3. SpartacusSystem

    Android Spartacus' MI MAX 2

    Migrated from a Samsung Galaxy Fame after four years, so for me this is a MAX (pun intended) upgrade! From one to eight cores? From 1 to 2.00Ghz? From 445MB to 4GB RAM? From 2GB to 64GB ROM? From 4GB class 4 Sandisk to 64GB Samsung Evo Plus UHS-I U3 Class 10? My mobile experience has been...
  4. CMLew

    cmlew Redmi Note 3 Configuration

    Recently bought a new phone to replace my existing Mi4i phone. Securely locked with patterns for lock screen and payment apps. Dedicated permission tweaking for each individual apps using permission manager. Guest Mode activated (where it hides all messages, settings, photos, notes, incoming...