1. Panny

    Update MiniTool Releases a Free YouTube Downloader – MiniTool uTube Downloader

    Vancouver, British Columbia, August 21, 2019 -- MiniTool® Software Ltd has released MiniTool uTube Downloader for users who want to download or convert YouTube videos. It is a free YouTube downloader which makes it easy to download & convert YouTube videos to mp4 in HD and other file formats...
  2. S

    Q&A Can Malwarebytes Browser Extension block certain YT pages?

    Any devs watching?
  3. Der.Reisende

    Video Is Windows Defender actually heavier than other Antivirus? [TPSC]

    Thank you @ Leo from TPSC for the video!
  4. S

    Hi Guys

    I m new member in this group.
  5. Jake Miguel

    Google YouTube Child Safety - A new concern?

    Abbreviated as “COPPA”, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act has been in effect since 2000. The law imposes certain requirements on online services/operators of websites for children below 13 years. This article talks about what YouTube is offering under Kids section. Read this blog...
  6. yitworths

    Google YouTube dark theme now available for some on Android

    These days, an often-seen feature request for apps (and Android in general) is dark mode. We first noticed that YouTube was preparing to bring one to its Android app in November of last year, but while the web and iOS versions have had it for months, there's only been radio silence on the...
  7. yitworths

    Google YouTube picture-in-picture now available for U.S. Android users

    YouTube has confirmed that picture-in-picture mode — previously a paid-only feature — has now rolled out to all U.S. YouTube users on Android on supported devices. The feature, which works on Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher, had been slowly rolling out to non-Premium subscribers since this April...
  8. CyberTech

    Hacking Alert $2 Million Allegedly Stolen From Cryptocurrency Vlogger in the Middle of His Livestream

    $2 Million Allegedly Stolen From Cryptocurrency Vlogger in the Middle of His Livestream Screenshot: Ian Balina Ian Balina, a popular cryptocurrency evangelist, was in the midst of a standard livestream on his YouTube channel on Sunday night when a viewer asked, “Ian, did you know that...