1. Pixy Stix


    Fascinated with Smurfs and Minions. And Clowns. Let's see what happens, shall we ?
  2. military

    Discuss Critical vulnerability in Zemana 2.0 products and not only

    My english is bad. 1.2 Article in russian, and the link goes through an online translator. At the end of the article there is a response from the developer. But my goal is to create this topic - I want a more detailed explanation from the developer. I do not really believe in the complexity of...
  3. Miss Onnellisuus

    Discuss Join Zemana Beta Group

    Hi guys! Many of you noticed that I joined MalwareTips few days ago. For those who do not know me, I am a Zemana employee and I will be here to communicate with you, share news from our company, solve issues caused by our software and gather your feedback. We are aware that our products were...
  4. G

    Discuss Need to replace ZAM Free

    My current setup is VoodooShield + WD for every-day protection, and ZAM Free beside MBAM Free for monthly scans. ZAM and MBAM are lit up to scan, then exited to stop the services when done. I have Windows 7 HP x64 SP1. Unfortunately, ZAM appears to be abandonware, and updates are not forthcoming...
  5. cyberfort

    zemana using metascan for cloud detection ?

  6. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Is Zemana AM any good in 2018?

    I used Zemana back in 2016 and it worked great. Is ZAM still useful for signature and zero-day protection?
  7. CyberTech

    Expired Zemana AntiMalware Premium - Free license

    Zemana AntiMalware Premium - Free license Zemana AntiMalware is an advanced, cloud-based anti-malware anti-malware scanner designed to quickly scan your computer for the threats your base antivirus has not detected. Main Features : Removes unwanted apps, annoying toolbars, or add-ons for...
  8. KevinYu0504

    On Sale! Zemana AntiMalware/AntiLogger Black Friday(2017) discount - 50% OFF

    Black Friday - %50 off everything! Link : Zemana - AntiMalware and AntiLogger Protection The offer ends on Monday 27, 2017. Zemana Blog: Extended Black Friday - 50% OFF
  9. Takemaster

    On Sale! Zemana Back to School Sale-Buy 1year and get 1 more year free

    Hello! Zemana has a Back-to School promo on AntiLogger and AntiMalware. It's giving one more year when you buy one year, so you save %50 on two-year license. Coupon code not required. Have a nice day!
  10. idunno

    Q&A I scanned my old computer w/ Malwarebytes, Bitdefender and Zemana - Is the computer still infected?

    I know the obvious answear is "No anti virus has 100% detect ratio" But the computer has been lastly used in 2016, so is the computer infected? -Thanks!
  11. idunno

    What is WLHUVI.dll?

    Zemana detected it in system32 folder
  12. idunno

    What is the diffrence between Premium ZAM and Portable ZAM?

    Well, today I got a notfication saying zemana premuim has 7 more days for its trial and after that my computer wont be protected. I know the portable version is free, but what are the diffrences? -Thanks!
  13. Spawn

    Q&A How does Zemana's Anti-keylogger for Android work?

    Get: FREE Antivirus For Android Found this buried on their blog, source at end. Secret spy in your device The scene with Flash Keyboard was definitely among them. The app was actually among the most popular apps on Google Play Store if we look at the download rate, until cyber security...
  14. Parsh

    Expired Zemana Mobile Antivirus Premium - 365 days

    Thanks to @bunchuu for sharing the awesome giveaway news :) Product Features and Highlights ✔ Scans your Android device for malware, spyware and virus ✔ Advanced malware detection and removal ✔ Anti-keylogger preserves your private data by catching malicious keyboard applications and password...
  15. S

    soccer97's Security Configuration

    Known weaknesses: Need a good, robust paid Internet Security Suite (ESET, KIS/KTS, etc). I am trying to use as much 64-bit software as possible. I also, I need to upgrade to the copy I have of Windows 10 EDU 64-bit so I can use Group Policy, BitLocker and harden the system + (Windows To-Go)...
  16. Sundaram999

    Expired Zemana AntiMalware Premium - 380 days

    Zemana AntiMalware Premium 380 days for free Instructions: 1. Go to the promo link 2. Download Zemana AntiMalware 3. Install on Your PC 4. Activate with license key ZAM-PCPRO Terms: 1. License for 380 days, only for home (personal) use 2. You receive free updates for the entire duration of the...
  17. Parsh

    Expired Zemana AntiLogger (1 year license)

    From the official product page -
  18. rockstarrocks

    Expired Zemana Anti-Malware Premium 90 days

    Everyone deserves to be protected from #WannaCry Ransomware. To prove that we care today we give FREE UPGRADES TO EVERYONE TO OUR PREMIUM VERSION! Share the news with your friends! Zemana | Anti-Malware : WanaCry Protection It's my first time adding a thread in this section, i apologize...
  19. P

    Free upgrade to Zemana Premium for 90 days

    Zemana | Anti-Malware : WanaCry Protection
  20. rockstarrocks

    Q&A Can't install latest portable version of Zemana

    I was setting-up my sister's laptop after clean installing Windows 10 Creators update. I had installed 360 TSE on it and thought i should install a 2nd opinion scanner on it. So I Googled for zemana and downloaded the latest portable version on her laptop. On double clicking the installer, i got an...