‘Anomalous’ spyware stealing credentials in industrial firms


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Aug 17, 2014
Researchers have uncovered several spyware campaigns that target industrial enterprises, aiming to steal email account credentials and conduct financial fraud or resell them to other actors.

The actors use off-the-shelf spyware tools but only deploy each variant for a very limited time to evade detection.

Examples of commodity malware used in attacks include AgentTesla/Origin Logger, HawkEye, Noon/Formbook, Masslogger, Snake Keylogger, Azorult, and Lokibot.

Kaspersky calls these spyware attacks ‘anomalous’ because of their very short-lived nature compared to what is considered typical in the field.
“Curiously, corporate antispam technologies help the attackers stay unnoticed while exfiltrating stolen credentials from infected machines by making them ‘invisible’ among all the garbage emails in spam folders.” - explains Kaspersky’s report