Expired 1 AVG Pack Giveaway ( AVG Internet Security and AVG Pctuneup )

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Today once again it's giveaway time!
to get your hands on an AVG software pack , concisting of :

* AVG Internet security 2013
* AVG PcTuneup 2013

the task you have to complete is simple :

answer this question :

why do I love malwaretips.com so much , be creative as much as you can :cool:

contestants must meet the following criterea :

* minumum of 30 posts
* no thanks for this giveaway / count me in replies
* you must be a returning member

this giveaway ends on january 1st , the winner will be picked via random.org

about AVG PcTuneup 2013 :

Restores your PC to top speed
A powerful speed boost for your PC
Remember how fast your PC used to run when you got it? Not only can we help get it back there, but you can also enjoy Turbo Mode to release that extra bit of power when you need it for browsing, gaming and videos.
You get:
Turbo Mode
One click turns off over 70 unnecessary processes, releasing power for faster browsing, gaming and videos.
Program Deactivator
Deactivates programs you never use to stop them draining processor speed without uninstalling them.
Startup Optimiser
Jump starts your PC by identifying and recommending which unnecessary start up programs and services to switch off.
Startup Manager
Identifies and rates all startup programs, so you can tell at a glance which are essential and which are just slowing you down.
Drive Defrag
Reorganises the files on your hard drive to reduce boot times.

Keeps your PC at peak performance
Automatic optimisation and maintenance for your PC
Getting fast is all well and good, but not if it only does it once. We continually work in the background to help your PC always run at top speed.
You get:
Live Optimisation
Works silently in the background, constantly prioritising all the applications and processes that are running to increase loading speed and PC performance.
Automatic Start-Stop Mode
Allows any programs that you have deactivated with Program Deactivator to be reactivated in a single click. When you have finished using them, they are automatically deactivated again, minimising the drain on your processor power.

Stops freezing and crashing
Problem resolution for your PC
It's a bit like having a doctor and cleaner permanently on hand. We'll help find and fix the gaps and errors that cause your PC problems and clean up as we go.
You get:
Disk Doctor
Crashes, hardware defects and power blackouts can lead to file system problems that prevent programs from starting. Disk Doctor helps prevent this problem by thoroughly checking files and fixing issues.
Registry Defrag
Just like a hard drive, your registry ends up full of gaps as it grows and changes. Registry Defrag reorganises your registry to speed performance and to remove problems accessing the database.
Registry Cleaner
Helps stop system crashes and start up issues by deleting or repairing the redundant, orphaned or broken keys, pointers and entries that are cluttering your registry.
Shortcut Cleaner
Helps you maintain a clean, uncluttered desktop by removing 'dead' shortcuts and empty folders on your desktop and start menu.

Extends your battery life
Reduced power consumption when you need it most
We've all been there. You're just getting to the end of that all-important document and your battery dies. Now you can stop your battery wasting power on things you don't need so it can last longer.
You get:
Economy Mode
Significantly prolongs battery life by reducing the power consumption of the processor, switching off unnecessary background processes and reducing the power consumed by internal and external devices.

Frees up valuable disk space
Essential tools to de-clutter and clean your PC
We've all got too much clutter on our PC. Half the time we don't know what it is, if it's important and or how to delete it. We'll analyse your PC for all that junk and show you how to get rid of it in a few simple clicks. Result? One faster PC and more space for you.
You get:
Disk Space Explorer
Analyses internal and external hard drives, finds the 100 largest files that are taking up disk space and lets you delete them.
Gain Disk Space
Frees disk space and speeds your PC by removing temporary files and browser traces that clog your hard drive.

Leaves no trace of your most important files
Essential protection to keep private files safe
Hitting the delete button doesn't always give you that complete peace of mind. Hitting the Shredder button will.
You get:
Normal deletion doesn't always remove all the data. Shredder frees space and deletes data securely; using processes that guarantee it can never be accessed by someone else.

Gives you complete performance - automatically
Your continual performance fix
It's always good when there's one thing less to remember. We continually monitor your PC and let you know the status. And we even run routine maintenance when you're away from your PC so it doesn't get in the way.
You get:
Automatic Maintenance
Automatically performs routine maintenance when you're not using your PC, including defragmenting your hard drive and registry, mending broken files, removing broken shortcuts and more.
One Click Maintenance
Saves time by performing dozens of tune up steps simultaneously, without getting in your way.
Optimisation status
Continuously monitors your PC's health to provide an up-to-date checklist of performance boosting steps. The easiest way to keep track of your tune-up status.
Update Wizard
Automatically updates AVG PC TuneUp based on customer feedback and research to make it ever more effective.

Fine tune your computer for even more performance
Advanced performance settings you can customise
If you're a bit of an expert, then don't worry. There's a whole range of tools you can use to fine tune things - just how you want them.
You get:
Repair Wizard
Performs up to 200 checks and displays recommendations ready for you to action manually or automatically
Uninstall Manager
Identifies programs that are rarely or never used and helps you remove them quickly and easily, freeing disk space and speeding startup.
Prevents data loss by restoring previously deleted files - even after you've emptied your Recycle Bin.
Process manager
Allows you to see all the processes running on your PC, so you can easily identify and eliminate resource hungry processes.
Rescue Centre
A single, easy-to-use interface to help you revert back to your previous settings.
Registry Editor
With an easy-to-use search function, Registry Editor makes editing permissions simple and fool proof
Makes it quick and easy to personalise your PC. Mix and match dozens of fresh new designs to give Windows® a look that's unique to you. Windows® is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.
Settings Centre
Takes the hassle out of optimisation by bringing all your most important settings together in one easy-to-use window.

Makes optimisation easier
Your continual performance fix
A lot of us wouldn't know where to start to make our PCs work even better. We take that problem away by making straightforward recommendations and showing how to do them in a few simple clicks.
You get:
Performance Report
Delivers easy to follow, personalised recommendations for increased PC performance.
Program Ratings
Automatically identifies which resource intensive programs are worthwhile and which are not using a simple star rating system. Also includes user community recommendations to help you make informed performance boosting decisions.
System Info
Tracks down vulnerabilities and errors to help you unlock your PC's full potential. Isolate and neutralise memory, CPU and network intensive processes with just a few clicks for optimum performance.

About AVG Internet Security 2013 :

Detects and stops viruses, threats and malware
Essential easy-to-use protection everyone needs.
Our job is to stop viruses before they even get to your PC. We check your files before you open them, your Facebook links before you click, your email before it gets to you and your websites before you visit them.
You get:
Helps stop, remove, and prevent the spreading of viruses, worms or trojans.
Protects you from malware on your PC and helps to stop anything that's infected.
AVG Anti-Rootkit
Detects and removes dangerous rootkits that hide malicious software that seeks to take control of your computer.
AVG Email Scanner
Detects infected or rogue inbound attachments so they can't damage your PC. Works as a plug-in for email applications including Microsoft Outlook® or as a scanner for POP3, SMTP, and IMAP accounts.
AVG Protective Cloud Technology
Identifies and prevents emerging threats 'in the cloud' via automatic updates to your antivirus software.
AVG Community Protection Network
Instantly converts every new threat encountered by any member of our community into protection for everyone. It adds up to ever-better antivirus protection for the entire AVG community.
AVG LinkScanner® Surf-Shield
Smart prevention technology that stops you hitting infected or criminal sites. Actively checks every web page just before you click through and stops you if it detects anything suspicious.
AVG Social Networking Protection
Checks the links that get exchanged when you're on social networks such as Facebook®, Twitter® etc. to help keep you and your friends safe.

Stops unsecure links and files
Advanced protection that allows you to share files safely
There are times when it's good to get things we're not expecting and times when it's not. We check files before you download and share them even when you're instant messaging, to make sure they're safe.
You get:
AVG Online Shield™
Checks files before you download them to ensure they are safe and protects you as you exchange files using MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ.

Prevents online spam and scammers
Ultimate protection that reduces the risk of you falling prey to online scams.
We all know who we want to see in our inbox. We keep a look out for those unwelcome visitors who might be phishing or pulling a scam so you can focus on the visitors you do want to see.
You get:
AVG Anti-Spam
Stops spammers and scammers getting to you. Reduces your risks of falling prey to online spam by scanning and checking all your emails for suspect content and code.

EXTRA! Free mobile protection included
Essential protection for your Android™ device
We'd all be stuck without our mobile and if you use yours in anyway like you use your PC, it's vital you protect it in the same way. So no matter what sort of PC protection you choose, you get free mobile protection as well.
You get:
AVG Mobilation™ Antivirus Free for Android™
Combats viruses and malware so you can make calls, receive SMS, download music, video, and apps, and surf the web confidently, knowing you're always kept safe.
Also helps you identify apps and settings which may slow down your phone. Plus if you ever lose your phone, it helps you find and locate it using satellite technology and can keep your personal data safe by locking or wiping it.
It's easy to use and works on all versions of Android™ OS, v1.6 onwards. And if you don't have an Android™ device, don't worry, you can still benefit from our free AVG Family Safety® products for iOS® and Windows® Phone.

Prevents spying and data theft
The basic tools you must have to control who is able to see and use what you do online.
Your privacy is important. Whether it's your identity or knowing who is tracking your data and what they might do with it. Whichever one it is, we've got it covered.
You get:
AVG Do Not Track
Lets you identify which websites are collecting data on your online activities and gives you the choice whether to allow it. This is available if you take AVG Security Toolbar as part of your installation.
AVG Identity Protection™
Not only keeps your personal information safe when you're busy online, but also stops criminals stealing personal data on your PC.
Keeps your identity safe from the Spyware and Adware that tracks personal information.
AVG WiFi Guard
Helps you avoid the rogue WiFi access points used by hackers by alerting you when your PC tries to access an unknown WiFi network.

Protects your personal data from hackers
Ultimate protection for credit card numbers, bank details or other personal information you enter online.
Whatever you're shopping for or whichever bank you use, the most important thing is to know that you're doing it safely. We keep an eye on the personal info you enter online to make sure it's safe, so you can keep an eye on the bargains.
You get:
AVG Enhanced Firewall
Blocks hackers attempting to access the private data stored on your PC. Stops malware taking over your computer or from harming other people's. Works on wired and wireless networks.

Accelerates web experience
For the ultimate video-viewing experience.
If you spend time on YouTube you're going to like this. Faster smoother video streaming - who doesn't want that?
You get:
AVG Accelerator
Maximises connection speeds and the download of binary data to deliver faster, smoother video streaming. Dramatically enhances the experience of YouTube videos.





Level 76
Malware Hunter
Apr 17, 2011
I think I qualify for this giveaway ;)

I think love malwaretips.com so much, because you get to learn and meet new people everyday. Somethings you might know and other people don't, so it's best to share your knowledge with others. Also the staff are very very respectful and don't abuse their power as staff, which is another reason why I'm here all the time. ;)


New Member
Jun 23, 2011
This was the one I was waiting for. I am ready to trade my GDATA.

Count me in Sushiclaus pls.
I love MT as it has one of the best forum members who are tech gurus but share and care too.
So if I win AVG i giveaway my GDATA key.


New Member
Nov 24, 2012
thanks for the great giveaway !

i love MalwareTips cause the members here are so kind that helped me improving my security set up , share latest software infos and good tips !


blu66blu66 said:
i :heart: MalwareTips for the excelent tips and giveaways...
Happy Christmas for all

I am sorry to say that you do NOT meet the criteria , to compete : YOU NEED A MINIMAL OF 30 POSTS!!!


Level 9
Apr 13, 2012
why do I love malwaretips.com so much?

Have been visiting quite a number of forums the past year and I came to be fond of MalwareTips for the welcome/helping atmosphere I got when I first posted here(that was an issue with Eset Smart Security). The official support forum and Eset support never gave me something to hold on to. On another forum there was also no reply. I was left cold. I never had the help anywhere else other than here and that got me convinced of the genuine help the members have given/shared me. For a guy who is on a learning mode on security applications the support and tutorial tips I got here were very superb and open that I do not get the jitters of posting even if the answer to the question was simple and basic. For some forum/sites I joined I was a victim of bullying for being a newbie eventhough I am careful of asking the questions. Some gurus do that and for somebody who isn't and just tries to learn more and more each participating day that "bullying" may mean just plain "stop and look for another place". That mentioned welcome/helping atmosphere here is different in the sense that you get the help you need by basically by being not only enlightened by the facts of your question you ask but also be guided towards a better alternative route or endeavor. There aren't many forums that are like that makes MalwareTips ROCK TO ME :) If MalwareTips was a burger it's in the league of Burger Joint and Shake Shack!

Consider this burger munchin guy as I munch on one fabulous burger from Shake Shack!

Great work there sushiman :)

Merry Christmas to all :)


Level 13
Feb 5, 2012
I like the tutorials here especially that of Kaspersky! I'm using a combination of Jacks and some on the paranoid settings :) Have printed via pdf the important topics/threads I have seen and these are my reference now. Very good learning here! Congratulations sushi-claus for this giveaway!


New Member
Apr 24, 2012
Because He loves me MalwareTips. That's why I think it would give me license. I want to use products, as well as a full Avg. I wish I had more number of licenses.
Thanks For Giveaway.


New Member
Mar 15, 2012
Thanks giveaway for MalwareTips and avg, count me in please, I wish I had chance to win one of the both combination great software. :)


Level 76
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Apr 17, 2011
bbivan said:
Thanks giveaway for MalwareTips and avg, count me in please, I wish I had chance to win one of the both combination great software. :)

You need to at least have 10 posts to participate in this giveaway.


Level 1
Nov 4, 2012
why i love malware tips so much because here i got to know more about security and new products......and didnt know dat MalwareTips gives their users so much cool giveaways and a good reason to keep their pc secure.....


New Member
Dec 27, 2012
I don't see that it offers much beyond what you get in the free version to warrant the cost

anyways I am only a nube here so cannot try my hand at winning :)

oh and yes I agree this is one fine forum to belong to
so thank you for having me!


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Apr 17, 2011
Quantum777 said:
Another excellent giveaway, your posts are always of interest.
Unlike some sites who make you regret entering any competitions by jamming your facebook page with crap!

Sorry, you need at least 10 posts to enter this giveaway.


Level 1
Nov 14, 2012
Why do I love malwaretips.com so much?
I love this place so much because I can get good testing results on software.There is nice giveaways and I can get advice on how to set up my machine properly.


Level 19
Jun 20, 2011
this is a wonderful website where you can find out a lot of different people to meet, win interesting programs and exchange programs.online, you can get support and help.this is a really wonderful site with interesting programs and information.as well as share information with others.


Level 2
Jul 9, 2011
A focal point for one of our passions - security industry and software; friendly and informative forum; knowledgeable, tolerant and helpful members; sometimes heated, yet civilised and never disrespectful discussions - why wouldn't anyone love MT, the first among equals?


Level 7
Apr 19, 2011
The reason why I love MalwareTips so much is because this is the place on where I met some of the most awesome guys on the internet. The community here is so alive and brimming with discussions so what's not to love? :)


Level 31
Feb 15, 2012
I love MT because it has lots of talented and kind members that try their best to help others, and I think the best place to go for software reviews...I've learned so much since i've been here.
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