NortonLifeLock 360
4.00 star(s)
Installation Feedback
Installation hasn't changed much throughout the years and consists of a cloud-based, one-click installer. The process is smooth and rather fast, though the "less than a minute remaining" under the progress indicator, added in Norton 2009 should now be removed. Installation is *not that* fast. As with other AVs, browser extensions need to be added to Chrome manually after the install process and if you are not careful enough, you might end up with your homepage and search engine modified.
Interface (UI)
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Interface Feedback
The Norton's UI was once great, but since 2015 when Symantec launched Norton Security, it has only undergone incremental, barely-noticeable changes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is clearly the philosophy behind this UI, however an overhaul is now needed. It's still easy to navigate and find everything needed, but parts of the program, such as the scan window no longer look modern and can be quite confusing.

On top of dragging a UI from 2015 (based on a product that was released in 2007), Norton also uses 2 different windows. One of them is "My Norton" where users see a brief overview of their security and backup status and can enable the built-in VPN. The other one is the standard UI. This is pointless and everything could be fit in one place.
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Usability Feedback
Norton alerts are still small, unobtrusive and easy to understand. The product rarely requires any intervention.
Full scans are rather slow, their speed doesn't seem to be improved from years ago.
Norton 360 comes with Identity Protection (US only), backup and VPN.
Tools such as start up optimizer, disk cleaner, performance explorer are also available, but don't offer anything you can't do with tools, already available in Windows.
Performance and System Impact
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Performance and System Impact Feedback
Performance impact might be lower than Windows Defender, Trend Micro or Avira per se, however it also doesn't seem to have undergone any vast improvements either.
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Protection Feedback
Unfortunately, I personally don't consider Norton products fit for their purpose, let alone being effective.
The product handles executables well, due to it's whitelist capabilities, but once you change the threat vector to scripts or malicious documents, protection becomes almost non-existent.
Protection against ransomware turned out not to be great either and my system got infected.
Even though Norton is constantly praised on various tests, it missed 3/7 samples I downloaded. One of the missed threats was a 27-days-old trojan dropper that also got registered as a startup item.
At that point it was clear to me that it's pointless to keep testing.

Malicious URL blocking and anti-phishing capabilities are hit and miss (mostly miss) and I personally won't rely on this product to keep a novice user safe. Even though Norton has added web-isolation and banking protection to their extension, extensions from other providers are very much recommended for people in a need of strong web protection.
Real-time file system protection
3.00 star(s)
Internet Surf protection
3.00 star(s)
Proactive Intrusion protection
5.00 star(s)
Network protection
4.00 star(s)
  1. Highly configurable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Simple and non-intrusive
  4. Consistently high test scores
  5. Excellent scores in independent tests
  6. Multiple layers of protection
  1. Antivirus capabilities are average at best
  2. Weak protection against zero-day threats
  3. Limited web protection
  4. Not as many features as some competitors
Software installed on computer
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Computer hardware
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Recommended for
  1. All types of users
Overall Rating
3.00 star(s)
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Level 7
i was present of your review of this software and was very surprised and disappointed in the performance. I'm now switching the product off my mothers laptop. The basic malware that it failed should have been caught by even some of the more mediocre software that's out they're. This wasn't a matter of "the software having a bad day" or "no software catches 100% of threats" this product failed miserably....


Level 10
i was present of your review of this software and was very surprised and disappointed in the performance. I'm now switching the product off my mothers laptop.
With lighter, friendlier and more effective solutions available, I don't see a valid reason why one would go for Norton today. Apart from a slow VPN with questionable privacy and ineffective, weird backup feature that's not even file sync, Norton doesn't offer any usable features or tools and also comes with nasty billing surprises, if purchased directly.


Level 10
I have used Norton 360,started having problems after uninstalling and reinstalling, if I had left it alone it probably would be fine but kept having trouble and endless sign ins, I like Kaspersky better ,can uninstall mess with other programs then reinstall with no problem
Have you tried running the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool? If that's your only issue with the product, then maybe you'll be good.

Dave Russo

Level 14
Have you tried running the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool? If that's your only issue with the product, then maybe you'll be good.
yes I did use the remove and reinstall tool, what never worked right again for me was the Life lock utility as it never responded again, Then the option for paid support to fix my problem(,excuse the expression) made me sick, also I may be a bit biased against Norton(McAfee as well) as in the past, though popular a bust and then every testers, easy target as something you do not want