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Google has confirmed that more than one million Gmail accounts were targeted by government hackers. Initially, these bills are based on the United States. Usually when your email is targeted, Google itself usually send an alert to you take any security measure immediately.
"There is a chance that this is a false alarm, but we believe that 'government hackers' are trying to trick you to get your password. We can not reveal the tip because these invaders will adapt, but it happens less than 0, 1% of all our Gmail users, "said Google alert to suspicious accounts, you see down here.

The search giant does not provide an exact number of accounts, but commented that the targets include "activists, journalists and politicians with bold positions around the world." However, it is easy to get the amount of target accounts, as described earlier. Today, Gmail has 1 billion users and 0.1% of that number: 1000000.
To combat this, the company said it will improve safe navigation tool that prevents Google Chrome users navigate to sites that may cause problems to the PC, such as malware or phishing.

source Google - full article and English : Google Online Security Blog: More Encryption, More Notifications, More Email Security

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As with many other bad work the US gov is actually the biggest hacker in the world. They employ bad people secretly and when they get out of controll and they themselves organise big war to kill them. Osama and Baghdadi are the biggest examples.


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Well I'm not afraid on that incident because its just a matter of fight between Google and Government to test each other security skills. if they will include civilians on the attacks hence surely worst scenario will ever happen.