10 Years Ago the Feds Shut Down Megaupload


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Jul 27, 2015
A decade has passed since Megaupload's servers were raided on behalf of the U.S. Government. On the same day, helicopters and police swarmed the estate of founder Kim Dotcom. The criminal enforcement action was supposed to put the larger-than-life Internet entrepreneur in the shadows, but the opposite happened.
On January 20, 2012, one day before his 38th birthday, police officers stormed his home in a military-style raid. Dozens of police swooped the estate in helicopters, including several members of New Zealand’s elite counter-terrorist force. Dotcom’s bodyguard Wayne Tempero later recalled that the officers were armed with assault rifles and sidearms when they entered the premises just before 7 AM that morning. Tempero was in handcuffs soon after.


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Sep 26, 2017
It never was?

This is just one news item on the subject, but there are several others reporting this.

Kim Dotcom says a Chinese fraudster, the New Zealand government and Hollywood have taken over his company


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Sep 2, 2021
Megaupload, only good memories... I siphoned their servers to download files as a child :D

Nevertheless, the arrest of Kim Dotcom is almost a movie scenario (planes, dogs, armed and helmeted policeman...) ...
But we remember that he was the head of a big company (Megaupload, Megabox, MegaVideo etc.), which brought him a lot of money (in advertising revenue, but those who took out paid Megaupload subscriptions, like I did)

Personally I also use Mega in 400Gb offer like @harlan4096 , and I think he is well protected. Because remember that the closure of Megaupload also led to the closure of others :) (like RapidShare)

And for nostalgia :D