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3rd-gen Threadripper is now official starting with a 24-core, 48-thread part that will set you back a handsome $1,400 and only goes up from there, for what is likely going to be insane core heavy performance. We also have news of a new $50 Athlon CPU. Finally, the 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X arrives on November 25, which means a lot for those on the AM4 platform today and a few years down the road, too.
Starting at the top of the food chain is 3rd-gen Threadripper. We knew 24 and 32 core models were nearly guaranteed, but that’s about all we knew prior to this announcement. Of course, the rumor mill has been working overtime on this one, last month we heard that the 64-core flagship 3990X wouldn’t arrive until next year and given the info we have today, that’s entirely possible.
What we can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt is that the Threadripper 3960X is a 24-core/48-thread part that clocks between 3.8 and 4.5 GHz depending on the workload, and it has a mammoth 140 MB cache. That all sounds amazing and it’s almost certainly going to be, but this entry-level 3rd-gen Threadripper part will set you back an eye watering $1,400. That might sound a bit shocking given the current 24-core 2970WX can be bought for $915, but remember the MSRP on that part was actually $1,300 at launch, so the 3rd-gen version costs $100 more.