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360 Internet Security V4.8 is now out with even stronger and smoother functionality than ever, the specific features are outlined below:

1) 360 Internet Security 2013 is now 360 Internet Security. Most security suites provide large annual updates, but given 360 Internet Security’s update cycle ranging from 2-3 weeks, 360 has designed its products to be more responsive to user demands. As always, 360 Internet Security remains completely free.

2) 360 Internet Security 32-bit and 64-bit versions have been merged into a single installation: now there’s no need for the user to determine whether or not their machine is most compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit installations; in version 4.8, 360 Internet Security will automatically differentiate between installation packages to determine which is most suitable for the user’s PC.

3) Automatic Updates: Don’t worry about whether or 360 Internet Security is up to date. 360 will alert you to new upgrades and automatically update its virus and malicious URL database. Automatic updates provide the most comprehensive protection for your PC.

4) Improved Theme Functionality: Whether you like blue, red or black, 360 Internet Security allows users to easily switch between client interface themes. Choose your favorite theme and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s still worth mentioning that 360 Internet Security stands out from other antivirus software in that it is and will continue to remain completely free of charge. If you’re looking for the strongest (and free-est!) antivirus then make sure to download 360 Internet Security version 4.8 for Windows from our homepage at

If you’ve already used our product and would like to provide feedback, go ahead and visit our Facebook page at or check us out on Twitter (>
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I thought it already had automatic updates, after all it's a pretty basic feature.