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Protection against ransomeware is notable and a place to start for Qihoo. They need to step up big, however, and bring a product that protects from all threats, not just ransomeware. Clearly, internet filtering needs to be ahem [added]. What they have might as well not even be there. Maybe also they could redevelop the secure browser and make it auto work with their sandbox or something along those lines.

360 is nicely written, but nags are too much for me at this point. Hope they get on the right track and come up with something special...


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nice test , but to fair the guy who conducted this test failed the url test , by not installing the necessary extension ( you can install this via the settings tab ) 360 internet protection extension is also available for edge. without the extension 360 is not able to filter malicious sites. so in all fairness it is not 360's fault that the website testing failed!!