Qihoo vs Panda vs avast

  • Qihoo Total security

    Votes: 23 48.9%
  • Panda Free antivirus

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • Avast Free antivirus

    Votes: 18 38.3%
  • Total voters
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List of apps to compare
360 TS vs Panda Free vs avast Free
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality


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I think Qihoo is better detection, avast great detection and performance ,panda great detection and low FP :)
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I'd go with Avast! because I do not like the Qihoo's "I can handle everything!" attitude. (BB, Windows update, fix of services etc.)
I can't say anything special about Panda, sadly.


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Your votes are inconsistent upon each time you open a new A vs B thread. See below:

vote for avast, because qihoo many FP's
Vote for Qihoo because Better Detection :)
Vote for Emsisoft because Emsisoft Better Behavior Blocker :D
Reviews by PCMag:
Panda Free Antivirus 2015 - http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2463592,00.asp
Avast Free Antivirus 2015 - http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2471522,00.asp

To be honest, no matter how many topics of A vs B are created, it's each to their own to what AV software is used on their PC. One user may be a programmer, another a casual web user. Each software differs for each individual and their needs.

So try each for yourself.


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IMO over the years (and i admit im not an expert but still my 2 scents), this is how i see these 3:
-Qihoo - the best detection. meaning most files found which also means higher FP !
-Avast - has the best heuristic and crowd-sourced detection (only AV on your list that has powerfull HIPS) !
-Panda - is best for cleaning an infected machines between the 3. the lightest among them and worth mentioning that it WILL detect most of the important ones even if it doesnt have high detection rate !

good luck on your hunt ;)


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Multi engine AV may help for protection and detection but minimal increase of percentage.

Cloud enhance AV which you need to connect 24/7 cause online protection will boost more accurate protection than signatures.

Or try the feature like Hardening Mode for instant blacklist if realtime protection bypass.

Everything will help to protect and prevent things but its a nature itself to be not 100% guaranteed.
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So try each for yourself.
The best thing to do is what Huracan said.
Not only because users have different needs but because each program works different in different system's.
For example Qihoo maybe heavy on one system and light on another one;).
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I had Avast for 4 years without any trouble.But,slowly,they became more and more aggressive about upgrading,registering.Shortly after registration,I've noticed number of spam messages increased to my email.This is quite simple math.Avast asks for your email,and shortly after spam messages number increases.The last drop about Avast was their latest update.The damn thing crashed my pc 7-seven-times after my attempts to find out what was the reason.Finally,I uninstalled Avast and my pc seems ok.
Then I installed Panda.It severely slowed down my pc.Unninstalled Panda.
Tried AVG.It is a bloatware.Uninstalled.
Tried Microsoft Security Essentials.It is a joke.Uninstalled.
Tried Bitdefender.I don't like black presentation.Very aggressive in asking money.Uninstalled.
Tried Kaspersky for trial.An trojan slipped by Kaspersky.Uninstalled.
Then I spent about 5-6 hours searching for best antivirus.The biggest help I found right here,on this site.Very good forum indeed.It turned out that Qihoo is big thing in China,with about half a billion users!!
Next,I found Qihoo ranked very high on AV tests and few other similar sites.To my pleasant surprise,Qihoo is free and gives total or premium protection!!There is no paid upgrade!!You get the best version for free !!Isn't that nice and refreshing,after seeing how everybody try to sell better protection.
Best of all,Qihoo doesn't ask for registration.Meaning,unlike Avast, Panda and about everybody else,Qihoo doesn't ask for your email,and later doesn't sell emails to third parties!!
I have Qihoo now for 6 months.
Immediately after installation,Qihoo found 5 software patches and installed it.And Qihoo continues to do the same,update self automatically,has Avira and Bitdefender antivirus engines incorporated.Also,today I was very pleased ,cos Qihoo alerted me to possible trojan,and offered suspicious site be checked with virus total!! I accepted and within 3 seconds,trojan was detected and removed!!
I am very pleased with Qihoo!!
Of course,Qihoo is not the only layer of protection on my pc. Many years ago,when I got my pc,shortly after internet gave to my pc an virus.While my pc was at repair shop,I felt like an family member is sick.
Since then I spent many hours educating myself about viruses,trojans etc.
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I'm surprised the versus battle never ends. ;) Haven't we exhausted all possibilities of X vs Y in this forum sub-category? :eek:
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