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Jul 6, 2019
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I love how fairly used products shoutout huge discounts like "70% OFF" and claim they usually sell their garbage at EURO 90,00 and now they have this great offer that lets you buy it at a standard security software market price


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Very good/clever decision to introduce vigilance(which has many features which foresight does not have and vice versa) in addition to foresight and premium versions to attract users. Must have been the marketing team!!!:LOL:


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i think, that the problem is, that nobody have bought it..and write "hurray it found something in this test and in this test"
next problem is, that a lot of people bought earlier product name lifetime license... and now.. there is no product, but u can pay new one...
and the process of upgrade app least strange (it was with .bat file ?)


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Is Thor really bad?
No it ain't IMO, but many also know it lacks official testing and that always been it's Achilles heel. Why I personal can say it ain't bad is because it's security layers saved my ass several times when I haven't used my VPN but, with that turned on, Thor never been more than a update patching software. A very effective one though and more than enough for me as I never needed a software that can update more that's already installed.

There was a previous great discussion about the software and a few private tests that did show it's potential, but that is sadly gone now.
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Is Thor really bad? I know why everyone hates Webroot and they deserve it but I don't know much about Thor. I heard Thor uses Avira's engine so at least signature wise it's gotta be better than Webroot :p
Thor Premium is really good IMO and also one of the lightest solutions you can deploy. It has nice heuristics and BB, as well as sandboxing along with Avira signatures. They stack it with excellent DNS, Web, and process injection protection aspects of normal Heimdal. One of my strongest and lightest setup recommendations is Thor Premium combined with VS or OSArmor, with a near zero impact on system operation and gaming.

Another combo is Cylance+Thor Premium, and Syshardener, you don't even feel like you have any system impact at all but it should be relatively bulletproof as well.