A policy I can't delete that installs an extension not on in the chrome store?

Operating System
macOS Big Sur 11.2.3
Current issues and symptoms
Presence of unknown policy and managed by organization
Affected Browser
  1. Google Chrome
Browser Settings: Homepage and Default Search Engine
Homepage and default search engine are both google
Browser Extensions
Google slides, Google docs, and Google sheets.


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May 13, 2021
Recently I noticed a message in chrome saying it was being managed by my organization. This didn't make any sense, so I checked and I saw that there is a policy causing this called ExtensionInstallForcelist. This policy is seems like its installing an extension with the ID "oephopgkjmclikolnpeioedlggnamdkk" which does not even show up on the chrome extension store, and I don’t actually see in my extension list. I've been unable to delete this policy through the terminal either, as whenever I try to I receive an error that domain "com.google.chrome" cannot be found. I would like to get rid of the policy and the managed by organization method. Can anyone help?
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May 5, 2015
Hello. Run Malwarebytes for Mac. Open Chrome and in the address bar type chrome: // policy. What does it show?

On Finder clic on Go to Folder, type /Library/LaunchAgents. What it is inside of this folder? Do the same for ~/Library/LaunchAgents.

Do you have Mackeeper installed?
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