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Level 6
Hello Everyone, I decided to poll on topic phishing and basically, it is a quiz to test your knowledge about phishing. Identifying phishing page is not easy and day by day hackers improving and making an exact copy of the original page.
I found a website where we can see how much we know about phishing. We need to know this because averge person receive 50 emails per day. Most phishing is come through mails and identiying mail is genuine or fake is difficult for algorithms aswell.

Phishing Quiz

Don't forget to check your mistakes

Deleted member 65228

14/14... They could have made it harder by demonstrating a potential vulnerability to spoof the URL in the address bar as a genuine website, but the website appearing almost the same but with some hard identifiers to notice to indicate it was actually a phishing. Or a genuine URL but invalid certificate, which if noticed raises more questions and thinking.


Level 7
I view this as a pointless exercise for me. Some of those emails I would never bother with whether real or other wise. They don't pass my who cares. 2nd when I get an email say from citibank, I never use the email, I always just type in And if it's from an individual I know well and it has an attachment I wasn't expecting, I call and confirm they sent it.

A little common sense goes a long way


"You're a phish-spotting ninja! You correctly identified 13 out of 14 sites in the OpenDNS phishing quiz."

Not a bad result as my AV would have hopefully catch the one i missed. Still that proves there's room to perfect my knowledge on the matter.

There should be more quiz and informative websites like that, and they should be promoted by governments, ISP and such. More informed web users means a safer internet (y)

Thanks for the share ;)


Level 27
Content Creator
13/14. Noticed the standard http connection for and still chose real. Thought it might be a trick question and outsmarted myself, but I should have known that all major companies use https.

For me the real challenge is in spotting these in e-mails. Do this well, and one may never have to see one of these actual "sites". That said, I have also seen e-mails which contain fields for data entry right in the message...pretty good giveaway of a phishing scheme. Checking e-mail address of sender for proprietary/ad type mail is important to do without exception. Seems phishers keep improving...


Level 6
Expected results :D not a deal for MT members
This is a trailer and bad peoples trying to phish with simpler web pages
Our real test in real life when opening our emails
Google does 70% work my mark unknown emails as spam but 30% pass google algorithms
We open hundred of websites every day do we really follow the same principal? checking domain and small mistakes on the webpage
When I'm doing my test I feeling sleepy without checking these small mistakes I got this test 11/14
Phishing webpage of any our favourite website even MT
Do we really aware when opening our favourite websites
Everyday average person receives 50 emails do we really apply principals there