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Avast and other antiviruses reduce the number of definitions when
viruses are old and not doing harm. In other words, if a virus is not
infecting people anymore, Why have a definition?

Don't let yourself be impress by companies that show huge numbers
of definitions, large numbers are there only to impress the user.



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That's correct bo.elam.

Probably they will add the most and latest zero day malware as possible and remove others definition since it can be broken or not working anymore.

The better the AV when the definitions are latest zero day malware.


Do not be alarmed about this at all. Others vendors do the same thing it's just not shown. It has been heavily mentioned on the forums and on the blog that avast cleans it's data base once and a great while. [hr]
Here is an explanation of what happens.

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This is optimizing their database.More definitions mean longer scan times. So why have a definition of a virus from 10 years ago? 1 definition can indentify even thousands of viruses.


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ok thx all for great answer
i never know about it, even i'm a tester :p
i just confused when see it, i never check it before
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