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Hello guys,

You may have noticed that we've added a new section to the site: Resources. This section will contain different guides and info on security threats & programs.

Before I start explaining the Resources structure, you should know that only certain groups will be allowed to post resources: Staff, AV-Testers, Trusted Members and Content Creators.

  1. Guides

    The Guides section will contain Windows, Android, macOS & iOS tutorials. There are several sub-sections which will allow members to easily find a guide. From simple guides to security software tweaks, members can read & post here different tutorials.

  2. Database

    Divided into 3 sub-sections we plan to add common programs that can be found on PC's and some info on them.

  3. Screenshots

    A. General Screenshots
    This section contains detailed and high resolution screenshots for different security products and other type of software. Each image needs to be clear and with a short tag/description.

    B. Ransomware:

    As you may suspect we want to add screenshots and info about the ransomware threats. Members will need to provide clear and detailed screenshots and fill in some fields.

    Ransomware Name
    Ransomware Note Text
    Ransomware Extensions
    Requested Ransom
    Decryption Tool (if available)

    C. Tech Support Scam:

    The main purpose is to add the phone numbers so that people who search on the Internet for these numbers will find us and know that this is a scam. If you guys stumble upon a tech support scam page, take a screenshot and post the number.

Other sections may be added in the future.
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