Ad-Aware Web Companion - Cloud System for Malware Filtering

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Ray Redbad

The long-established Lavasoft Ad-Aware Security Toolbar, a stand-alone solution as well as an opt-in bundled with all Ad-Aware AV product installers (and "necessary" only in Free AV+), is being replaced with Web Companion.

Yes, it's FREE!!

While the Toolbar is, well, a browser toolbar, Companion is an in-line process. Branded as Lavasoft MUB is the real-time "URL Lookup Cloud System for Malware Filtering." One might conclude some benefit from their partnership with Bitdefender: "...intelligence shared with industry security partners."

One partner is surely Malware Domains. There are three constantly updated local files, and a Malware Domains txt file and two password protected zip files named hourly and weekly from Malware Domains' URL Labs. Generally this strategy is employed to reduce load on the cloud services. And a first-tier filter, no doubt.

Mentioned is Lavasoft CMP with no mention what CMP means. (I'll try and find out.) EDIT: Content Malware Protection.

I ran the Beta and found it installs a TCP Service and a Search Protection Service which filters via the local proxy (aka, aka loopback). Theoretically, that should offer protection across all Web enabled applications, not just the browser, but they don't make that claim - rather "advanced web protection." Read into that what you want.

I did not find any Bitdefender libraries or drives associated with the Companion run time or services.

The settings UI access is by a tray icon.

When installed with an Ad-Aware AV, my thinking is that it will add a long-absent cloud component to their product offerings. It should greatly enhance Free AV+ which begs for a better zero-day protection level. For the paid versions, I hope Lavasoft can manage to integrate the cloud as an application core as I am not particularly fond of processes (other than system) using the local proxy.

Currently in Beta, the production release is scheduled sometime in September which is almost now.

Wait and see... Cheers.
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Jan 22, 2014
Don't install this piece of crap utility coz first it don't work how it promised & second it messed up ur PC, if u try to remove manually it's registry crap from regedit since 3rd party uninstaller like revo failed to remove all dirt.
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Jan 8, 2011
AVIRA PRESS RELEASE - Lavasoft Enters Multi-Year Agreement with Avira Antivirus to Further Enhance the Capabilities of Ad-Aware Web Companion

"Lavasoft, makers of award-winning free antivirus and antispyware Ad-Aware, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Avira to license its new cloud-based malicious URL (MURL) and program classification service (AUC). Compatible with a user’s existing antivirus program, Ad-Aware Web Companion works with the top browsers on the market to provide complete protection against malicious web content and dangerous phishing scams.

“When the Avira URL Cloud meets Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware, it’s win-win situation,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira. “In addition to enhancing Lavasoft’s ability to protect users from malicious websites, this deal shows the value from integrating Avira’s technological expertise into products from other leaders in the security space.”

Avira builds its own MURL lists by analyzing samples collected through automated sandboxes and the malicious sites encountered by the 100-million-users of Avira Antivirus. Avira further applies a battery of advanced heuristics in real time to assess new threats submitted to the Avira cloud.

To increase the Web protection capabilities in its Ad-Aware Web Companion, Lavasoft has an upcoming beta release, which will be followed by a public launch. In addition to its agreement with Avira, Lavasoft will continue to add third-party antivirus services to ensure users receive the world’s absolute best web protection."

For more information or to download Ad-Aware Web Companion, visit Ad-Aware Web Companion.


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Jan 8, 2011
Screenshots from current version 2.1.1133.2333

Installing Web Companion (Agreement , Search Engine , Completion).
upload_2015-10-12_14-22-52.png upload_2015-10-12_14-24-36.png


Main GUI (Web Companion , Settings , About)

Process Explorer (LavasoftTcpService.exe , Lavasoft.SearchProtect.WinService.exe , Web Companion.exe)


Optional setting:


If you agree, what information is collected and sent?
With your consent, Web Companion would like to gather the following information, encrypt it and send it back to our servers so that we can analyze what's inside our users' systems. This will enable us to detect and remove potentially unwanted programs better in the future.
This action is completed only once and we will NOT gather any of your personal information.
Installed applications
• Display Name
• Display Version
• Publisher
• Install Location
• Install Source
• Uninstall String
• Quiet Uninstall String
• External Uninstall String
• Uninstall sub key
• URL Info About
• URL Update Info
• Help Link
• Readme
• Service Name
• Certificate subject for service executable
• Service Display Name
• Service State
• Service Start Mode
• Service Executable Path
• Service Caption
• Service Description
Running processes
• Process Executable Location
• Process Certificate Subject
OS version
• System (i.e. Windows)
• Release (e.g '7')
• Service Pack
• Version
• Architecture (32/64)
• Locale
• IP
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Looks quite good trying it in a VM now, lags at startup and STILL buggy.
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