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Defender Injector is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices by the prolific developer Sordum that makes it easier to add file or folder exclusions to Windows Defender.
Windows Defender is the built-in security solution on Windows 10 which Microsoft improves regularly. [...]
The process of adding exclusions is not comfortable. You have to open the Windows Defender Security Center in the Settings app, open Virus & Threat protection and then settings, and click on add or remove exclusions to start adding files, folders, file types or processes.
Defender Injector

Defender Injector improves the process. You may use the interface the program provides to manage Windows Defender exclusions, or integrate the functionality directly into Explorer to use the right-click menu to add or remove exclusions there comfortably.
The program interface is basic but fully sufficient for what it offers. Click on the add file or add folder buttons to add new exclusions to Windows Defender, or selection exclusions and hit the delete button to remove them again.
A click on the Options menu displays settings to integrate the functionality into Explorer. Defender Injector adds new context menus to Explorer if you enable the functionality; you may enable the "use Shift-key to display" setting next to that to display the exclusion management options only when you hold down the Shift-key when you right-click on files or folders.

Select "Defender Exclusions" from the context menu in File Explore / Windows Explorer and select the add or remove exclusion option to add the selection to the exclusion list of Windows Defender or remove it again.
You may also use it to open Defender Injector.
Closing Words
Defender Injector is a useful program for Windows users who use Windows Defender to protect their computer system from threats. It improves the management of exclusions in Windows Defender by speeding up the process.
If you run lots of software on your system, like I do, you may find this program useful if you use Windows Defender.

Add file or folder exclusions to Windows Defender with Defender Injector - gHacks Tech News


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How often does a person install a program that needs an exception in Windows Defender??
If a user needs this app, he is probably installing a lot of PUAs and cracks, and this app will just help him get infected faster and easier.

Basically what i was thinking upon reading this thread.
++ 1 - Thank you! Why would an average user need this?

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++ 1 - Thank you! Why would an average user need this?
And why would an advanced user need it? Since I'd imagine most at-least here is capable of excluding a folder in Windows Defender.

The product name seems weird as well. "Defender Injector", makes me think of Remote Code Execution, but obviously the product won't be doing this. Would make more sense to even call it "Defender Manager" IMO but that sounds more like a Football game.

I don't understand the point. No novice user will even know what it is let alone download and install and use it properly, and any advanced user will know how to white-list a folder properly otherwise they are FAR from being an advanced user IMO.