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Can someone recommend, some good add on for Windows Firewall 8.1, basically something like Tinywall or Notifier which lets me manage and view my connection.

Thanks for your replies.



Thanks, that add-on looks perfect. Thanks for the prompt reply. Binisoft feels like Tinywall basically, i hate setting rules on most of the basic stuff to much time consuming. :)
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I use (at the moment) Windows 8 Firewall Control.
It blocks all your programs at first and then you choose (only once) for every program (who wants to connect to the net) to allow or not.
Ya that looks quite good, but it also does what Tiny wall and Binisoft does lock all access at first then you allow what application you feel fit, it's a hassle to unblock all the core apps which i usually use. Are there any more add-on? which like don't block everything when you first install it? Thanks for the information though, i'll surely check it out and see if it's to my liking.

P.S. Sorry guys, been a while since i've been on the forum and i am still getting used to the new style. Apologies for posting in the wrong section.