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On a regular basis we see many adding multiple layers of identical protection to their Windows PCs and Browsers. As far as I can understand Less is Better.

At the moment I have Firefox Nightly installed as a secondary browser and wanted to ask if what I currently is OK or Too Much?

Being a secondary browser, I do not use it for sensitive tasks such as Email, Banking, Shopping etc. Instead I may use it for online research, reading articles and general browsing.

Firefox: Add-ons and Privacy

  • Malwarebytes Browser Extension
  • Privacy Possum
Content Blocking:
  • Trackers (In all windows)
  • Cookies (Third-party trackers)
  • Cryptominers
  • Fingerprinters

Please share your thoughts and opinions below.


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I have a similar setup on FF to you, though I also have the Windscribe extension, & use the Windscribe Ad blocker ROBERT - I dont really have any issues whatsoever & few problems with the 100s of sites bookmarked, certainly no speed or stability problems at all. In fact the browser runs beautifully, I've actually spent quite some time recently finding the best extensions that do what I wish without causing problems. I've turned WebRTC off in Possum & disabled WebGLin FF maybe some paranoia there :) Chrome is my other browser.


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I'm using currently browser extensions: uBlock Origin & Bitwarden, additionally Windscribe Extension or Desktop Version.
Anti-fingerprint-browser-extensions causing issues on websites, whitelisting is sometimes the only solution, so why using this kind of features,
but I want to try out the upcoming Firefox - Content Blocking: Fingerprinters


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I see you are using 'Trace', I have had problems getting it to work properly, I think I will try again. Any tips? :)
Use default settings, its been updated many times recently so it should work without worries

I have myself enabled everything wich should not break sites, and i has not ran into any problems at all

I moved to trace from privacy possum + canvasblocker combo because it wont break sites as much