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    1- Download adguardInstaller.exe
    2- Run adguardInstaller.exe
    3- Enjoy!
    just installed it and it is working fine. 6 months still active. i will be very interested to try this on windows apps. microsoft is a clever monkey. google is struggling to maintain revenue in its chrome browser with ad blockers cutting into its profits. and you can't simply ban the ad blockers, for that would kill your browser user base, as they would simply move to another browser. so microsoft has these apps that are essential programs specific for a web page. and the smarts of this, is you can't add an adblocker to these apps (eg. money). so when i look up my stocks on money, and it directs me to web pages (which are viewed through the app) i am stuck with all their bloody ads, unfiltered, unblocked. but this particular adguard runs independently of the browser, and blocks all ads irrelevant of whether you are using a browser or not. whether it works well or not remains to be seen, but it is interesting to watch the war between the advertisers and the adblockers unfold.