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Source: AdguardTeam/AdguardBrowserExtension

The main change in this version is the experimental "scriptlets" support. "Scriptlet" is a JavaScript function that provides extended capabilities for content blocking. These functions can be used in a declarative manner in AdGuard filtering rules. AdGuard maintains its own scriptlets library, please report any issues there. Also, if you have an idea of a useful scriptlet we could implement, please feel free to open a feature request.

AdGuard supports three types of scriptlets syntax:
  • #%#//scriptlet- AdGuard scriptlets syntax
  • ##+js (uBO-compatible)
  • #$# (Adblock Plus snippets)
What it means is that AdGuard is able to understand rules built for both uBO and ABP. You can learn what is supported from this compatibility table.
Other changes --- Ad blocking
  • [Changed] Rules converter is used now for :style rules
  • [Fixed] JS rules don't work in Edge browser
  • [Fixed] "Send statistics..." option causes the tab to hang on certain websites
  • [Fixed] BlockWebRTC option does not work in Yandex Browser
  • [Fixed] Issues with Kiwi Browser
  • [Improved] Code refactoring
  • [Changed] In case of rule conversion, the original rule text is displayed now in the filtering log
  • [Changed] Localizations have been updated
  • [Fixed] Extended CSS rules logging issue
  • [Fixed] Filter categories checkboxes are missing in new Edge browser
  • [Fixed] Request Info popup doesn't disappear when another tab gets opened
  • [Fixed] Syntax highlighting issues
  • [Changed] Uninstall page URL has been set


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[Fixed] BlockWebRTC option does not work in Yandex Browser
I reported it a month ago and they fixed it?! I can not believe it, a company that actually listens to users. They replied back, but I thought, that it was a typical polite reply. Anyway, you have to toggle it off and back on again, to get it working, it will ask for user's permission to change privacy settings.


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incompatibility with all ublock origin's rules kills this extension for me
just installed this extension and tried to add some filter lists to it
- many filters could not be added despite correct URLs or getting straight from the developers' websites (adversity, for example)
- misreading of rules and chaos: when I added URLhaus filters, adguard misread 1 rule as "ttp" and adguard blocked every website I visited (because all websites contain http or https)

submitted the problem to the developers and immediately uninstalled the extension


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For the record, card payment might fail, if adguard's stealth filter is enabled. I entered card details, was redirected to bank's webpage, entered SMS code and afterwards received the message, that the payment has failed. So before paying, I disable: adguard, cachekiller and cookieautodelete.


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That is why I prefer browser extensions. I use two user profiles in Edge-chromium, one with maximum security and privacy settings for browser and extension settings for surfing and one with maximum compatibility settings for online buying and banking.

extensions in both user profiles are the same, so switching causes minimal delay (already in memory). This approach only costs memory since extensions are loaded twice (for each user profile).

No need for tweaking to find best balance between useability and privacy/security.

It is a best of both worlds approach.
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