AdGuard Blog: Hey Google, we've fixed it for you: AdGuard will block Topics to make Google Privacy Sandbox truly private


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Apr 24, 2016
The new Google privacy initiative — the Privacy Sandbox — will fail to fulfill its declared goal, that is to offer more privacy to users while benefiting advertisers. The Topics API, set to replace cookies, is to blame. Read to learn why we will be blocking it.
  • Privacy Sandbox is an assortment of technologies proposed by Google to make advertising more privacy-conscious
  • Privacy Sandbox promises privacy protection, but the concept fails through due to one faulty element — Google Topics
  • Topics won’t stop tech giants from collecting vast amounts of user data
  • Topics may make it harder for a single website in a vacuum to identify an individual user, but not for Big Tech
  • Topics will cement Google’s ad monopoly
  • Topics is one bad apple that spoils the whole barrel, therefore AdGuard is blocking it
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